I Fixed It

Mercury has turned retrograde so I shouldn’t have been surprised that at least one machine would break down.

My “new” computer is the one that folded and so I put up my old one accepting the fact, fairly easily, that I would not be able to use the printer.

After a few days on the old herky jerky ‘puter I remembered that it’s problem was the ethernet card. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it just stops working.

It stopped working yesterday. I felt cooked but then I thought, what the hell, I’ll buy a new ethernet card and put it in myself.

Today I did just that. I bopped over the bridge and went to the closest Radio Shack. The card cost about $30. That’s way cheaper than a new computer. It works and I fixed it. Yipee.

Here is something else I did:

Rhinestones, swarovsky crystals, glued to my glasses DKNY glass frames. My glitter aesthetic will find it’s way into the everyday elements of my life. I put the faintest pink streaks on wisps of hair around my face and the crystals match. The girl at the Radio Shack dug the look.

“Who doesn’t need a little bling?” She asked.

With the printer down for a while (I can get a new card for that, too) I decided now was the time to make papier mache busts of interesting, sexy creatures.

These are sketches for the busts. I wanted them to have lots of hair and horns and donkey or fawn ears and be androgynous.

I bought chicken wire for the base of the figures and I will lay the papier mache on thick and smooth then paint and mod podge them. I plan to have the hair or dangly, streamer parts of string or cloth or whatever and will use little icons and bits tied into the hair. I will paint the features and adorn the faces with rhinestones, glitter, etc.

The initial frame for the inside of the bust was tough on the hands to wrap and secure to itself. My hands ached this morning. Yesterday I made two bodice sections to which i will attach wired heads.

I have never done papier mache before. It should be fun and messy.

I want to make them beautiful but there is always such a gap between what one imagines and what one can bring into reality.

Tommorrow, the front-room-impromtu-redecoration-triggered-by-two-free comfy-chairs adventure.

2 Responses to “I Fixed It”

  1. […] I had envisioned making papier mache busts of females and males and inbetweenies. […]

  2. […] blog post from September 2008 has pix I sketched of creature people I wanted to make. They will be models for the bottle dolls. […]

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