Beans, Bluster and the Mother of Invention

In keeping with the bla energy that has infected me this last week I will make this short.

I am trying to parcel out my time to the projects I would like to focus on for this holiday season.

Having said that I realize the silliness of it. I mean the silliness of preparing for a time when folks begin to purchase little things as gifts for others.

In the not too distant yesteryear artisans and crafty types pursued their work hoping that they might be able to engage in commerce with others and sell their little luxury items when the time for gift-giving was nigh.

I have been watching MSNBC all week and what a week it was. Down goes the house of cards built by Greed and Hubris.

I have imagined in the last two days a sort of radiation of financial weakening spreading slowly across America.

What I saw in my mind’s eye was a reduction in sparkle and glitz on a massive scale. What Hollywood and Disney set into our young minds, that expectation of glamour and opulence, you know the thing you go to the mall trying to find, gone. That magic glow will tarnish and we will come to look much more third world which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

That many will be challenged to make something of nothing, like less financially well-endowed creative people have been doing forever, that is a good thing.

That we may have to cut down on meaningless distractions and be alone more often in the quiet of our own self-reflection is also a good thing but that doesn’t mean we won’t be full of fright, for a time, at the prospect.

Simplification will no longer be a hip lifestyle choice. It will be a necessity, a survival technique.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Time to get out your Thoreau.


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