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Rock Blocks and Mayan Peyote

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This week, in addition to watching MSN and being more and freaked out by what I am hearing and seeing, I used time on my days off to cut some soft blocks.

Joining Lou on my work table is an image from the 60s. The long haired, bell bottom wearing freak with his guitars and his gun standing in front of the American flag comes from MC5 and manager John Sinclair.

Here is a link to an article from John Sinclair about related to the Guitar Army image.

Doesn’t Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith look elegant in the can? That is Sinclair on the right.

Detroit, Michigan, all you all.

I have ordered the 33 1/3 book on Kick Out the Jams. Also, in that order, is Horses and Paul’s Boutique which I am listening to right now. I love the Beastie Boys.

Have you heard their 2007 instrumental CD The Mix-up ? I like it, too.


This cut block image is inspired by the craziest wall carving I have ever seen, ever! The Mayan were fricking insane in the membrane.

I adapted this design from a National Geographic August 2007 image. I’ve made it a sort of peyote shaman figure with a big ol’ snake. I just really groove on the look of skulls and skeletons.

I made the hair a long cluster of peyote buttons and added some Tibetanish clouds to the bottom of the image for a little balance.

I have never seen a modern comic with this much crazy, rad, really frightening imagination, style or ill intent.

Dig the skeletor’s little rat buddy. Both figures are carrying severed heads and then there is another upside down severed head on the cross-like thing that separates the two figures. This is just the wildest most beautiful thing from any early culture except the Tibetan culture. My theory is that it is the Tibetans who walked across that land bridge back in the day.

In their earliest culture Tibetans were also into human sacrifice, etc. It blows my mind. CHALE!