You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I started Monday with a 6-mile ride on the stationary bike. I have been reading Bill Janovitz’s “Exile on Main Street” while I ride. The 33 1/3 books are tiny and easy to hold. Time flys.

Yes, I stretch occasionally while riding but handlebar action is out of the question. They move back and forth on the bike I bought and I pedal fast.  I’m sure I’d be ailing if I held on to them. I’d be jerking all around like I had St. Vitus Dance ( I love you, Andy).

I’ve been riding the bike regularly for about two weeks now. I have to make and effort to stay strong. Who knows how tough times will get.

Pedaling backwards utilizes different muscles and seems to give a more intense workout.

Can you see the pink cover for my copy of Laurie Lindeen’s “Petal Pusher: A Rock n Roll Cinderella Story” on that shelf?

That was a good autobiographical rock book.

Laurie Lindeen came out of the Minneapolis scene at the time of the Replacements and Soul Asylum. I know a lot of folks have been uber moved by the later. I’m interesting in hearing how the girls do it. All politics are personal. Lindeen’s story is the very real deal. We get to see and feel, up close how the struggles with her band Zuzu’s Petals are inseparable from her intimate private life.

She and her mates are strong women. 

If you love women and learning about the challenging life of musicians you should definitely read this story. 

Wow. That was a “Reading Rainbow” level book review, wasn’t it?

On  the drive to work and on the drive home I listened to “Let It Bleed.” It’s been a while since I listened to that album. I had the CD on, up loud in the car. It’s one of my favorite places to listen to music because, all alone, I can get lost in the sounds.

I wanted to add “You Got the Silver” to my list of random things “music that makes me cry.” It almost does. I love Keith’s voice and his bereft, stubborn passion. “I’ll pay the price.”

We have many Stones recordings on CD but not “Exile on Main Street.”

 The oddest thing I’ve learned so far from reading the Exile book is that they were going to call the album “Tropical Disease.” Thank God somebody came to their senses.

Can you imagine? That’s the horrifically tacky 80s vibe precognitively sneaking in to somebody’s aesthetic sensibilities (Mick).

Exile is another cassette tape that did not make it through Jessica’s Jagger-Richards drenched teenhood.

Tapes of excessive length do not stand up to heavy use.


My Rhino Records Quicksilver Messenger Service tape, “Sons of Mercury” (they were nearly all Virgos in that band) crashed years ago.

Monday was J’s last day at the old RS shack. It was draggish to imagine one more goodbye lunch. 98 percent of all the people for whom I have harbored affection are gone. 

I like J. She is loaded with great qualities, brilliance, determination and humor being three of the best. I will miss her presence on the weekends.


One Response to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

  1. That’s a great juxtaposition of bike & book 🙂 “Pedal Pusher” HA HA!

    High five!

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