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Morning Light

Posted in Uncategorized on October 15, 2008 by darcyarts

This morning the light was so beautiful.

It was a pleasure to have eyes.

I spent some time cutting off dead portions of the vegetable plants. Here it is Oct. 15, and they are still growing.

These look blue due to having forgotten to change the light setting on the camera.

I shot the “regular” eggplant. It had taken so long to develop I wonder if we will have to eat it prematurely.

The tops of the plants look alot like Frank’s little frog creatures. They conjure fairy faces in the mind.


He made half a dozen new critters and we neglected to photograph them before sending them to a little gift shop in Pennsylvania where they now reside. Boo.

Here is his Changeling with Bat friend. These are the kind of creatures I imagine when I look at plants. Sweet organo spooks. Creature that live in the vines and thickets. They like the morning light, too.

I feel things coming together.

My creative carousel things spin slowly around. Each thing I do has a place. Each is a brightly painted pony.

Will my stories ever marry with my visual art? I think Frank has already started his.

I know there will be grandkids someday and I want to make story books for them. And songs, funny songs.

From the multicolored hydrangea bush.