Alone and Yet . . .

It is that time of year. The holidays are just around the corner.

This year, more than many other years, we really should be thinking of authentic alternatives to our typical knee-jerk reaction to use a credit card to extend our giving power.

In the past when I was more naive I fell under the consumerist holiday madness. I’d just shut off the part of my brain that whispered, loudly at times, “not a good idea!”

We know that what really enriches us are those moments we spend with our loved ones engaged in activities that make us laugh, cry, act silly, or even tell some meaningful truth to one another.

This picture of Jessica was taken by Tommy Corey. She was 16.

 I went to the post office Tuesday to send a couple of prints to a friend in San Antonio. I was standing in line when I noticed the lovely Kelly Brewer standing in front of me. We talked a bit. She said she and her mother read this very blog. 

It sometimes comes as a shock when I realize that real people are at the other end of the numbers in my blog data. The “who” behind the 50 to 100 pairs of eyes each day mostly remains a mystery. I might be able to name a handful.

“Your children are beautiful,” Kelly said at one point.

I nearly cried because I’d been really missing Jessica that day. Reading a book about the Rolling Stones and listening to “Beggars Banquet” did it. The Stones were one of her early favorites. 

I’m glad that my kids are finding their way now. It’s such a great time of life, to be discovering things on your own, seeing many things for the very first time, being enchanted by life.

I’ve spent a long time trying to discover what it is I do best. I try to do it better each day and stay true to my own aesthetic. I’ve kept pretty much to myself while working on that stuff. I have my intimate relationships and I shy away from most others. I imagine there will be more organically grown relationships in my future. Friendships that come out of shared passions, interactions related to meaningful engagement in the larger world, that is, if I ever get out my own psychic door.

I want to share but I’m a closet case. It’s something else I’ve been working on.

The result is I’ve made quite a few things now and I want to get them out into the flow of humanity. My Etsy shop has been a great way to pretend that my creations sit on display in a big, bright, international hall while I hide out.

I want other people who are attracted to my things to pick them up, take them home and show them to, or give them to, their friends. All this will happen, I imagine, while I’m invisible, giggling like a skittish child.

For the first time, ever, I will be donating a few things to the Shasta County Arts Council holiday sale event. I have to decide which things I think people will most like and that’s the hard part.

 I’ve got the plushies:



































The block prints:










The Sun Catchers:

I was stoked to find out that wordpress now offers bloggers a chance to do any kind of poll we want.

I decided I’d ask for your help, dear reader, deciding what to send to the Old City Hall.

Here are is the last catagory included in the poll below, prints of paintings:









































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