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16 Days

Posted in nature, socialization with tags , , on October 19, 2008 by darcyarts

I am doing deep breathing exercises and I feel I will need to do them religiously over the course of the next 16 days.

I have consumed a lot of MSNBC. I have been experiencing the car crash syndrome. I cannot often look away but sometimes the vicious skankiness that is being hurled gets to be too much and I have to close my eyes.

We all love America. Do you sometimes not recognize her? Do you sometimes wonder how such blatantly irresponsible people were able to assume her care?

Can we ever put important decisions back into the hands of a well-informed citizenry? How will we recover the fire of commitment to know what is going on here? How will we enlighten the ignorant and guide them onto a path where learning and questioning are necessities for being “pro-American?”

Please read this article on American voter stupidity.

When will we stop bullshiting and start demanding a clear accounting for all the important elements of this society?

Breath, breath, slowly exhale.

I cannot bear to wake up on November 5th to find crass liars and hate-stoking imbeciles headed to the White House.

Let the true-hearted shepherds take a turn. Let the people put their hands on the wheel again.