Tuesday with Morning

Tuesday has arrived at last and I am here trying to gather myself and get to work.

I felt very much like painting this morning and I am hoping that I can avoid being so distracted that I lose that motivation.

The light was brilliant outside the kitchen windows this morning and the wind helped make the fairy light circles dance around the patio, all over the herbs and vegetables, the picnic bench and the gray concrete.

The sun made the tarragon look so great. The yellow was bright and beautiful next to the green.

I didn’t really have a choice of color when I bought the buckets but blue has looked just right in all the pictures.

A few days ago I received notification that the Amaryllis Belladonna bulbs I ordered had arrived at my local Orchard Hardware Supply.


They look great but the best thing is their aroma. I’ve spoken of it here before. It’s heavenly. My perfect environment includes the sea, towering eucalyptus and soft California rolling hills dotted with Amaryllis on their naked stems.

We won’t see these until next spring. At least I don’t expect to see them. The plants in California often become confused by weird weather.


The pale yellow chilis I cut last week are turning orange.

They are big, about four or five inches long, and waxy. When they are yellow they taste like something you’d find on an Italian sandwich . They mellow into a more interesting flavor as they darken.

I think, this year, I’ve had more fun looking at the vegetables than eating them. 

Still, a tomato that tastes like a tomato is a wonderful thing.

I posed the ripened chilis like nude models yesterday.


This one is a delight with the green stem and the patch of yellow near the tip encircled by the darkest orange color, nearly red.

 As usual these vegetal things have the best color sense. I bow down to their natural ability to work a color scheme.

Perfect in every stage.

I love the wrinkled, dissected chili with the seeds exposed.

Clothing designers, I have spent the last few weeks with you via Project Runway.

You could really get “organic” into your pallette if you spent a little more time with veggies. Cut them open and have a look. Watch them ripen. They have a lot to tell you about shape, texture, blending color.

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