Working for Alterna in Atzlan

My painting work space is set up well for large boards. There is a sort of natural place to lean the boards and paint them bit by bit.

When I first started I always painted on a flat surface.

Of course I started with small sections of MDF that I cut and gessoed myself. My first board came from Michael’s, professionally prepardI think I paid over $5 for it. I knew I could do it myself for less money.

This painting comes from a place in my memory. I laid mis ojos on all the Chicano art I could whilst in the academic world. Before school I a saw a world of artistic things that occured naturally in my environment in Santa Ana. I noticed all the flourishes that came from the south, from ancient Mexican, South American history, to El Norte, to Atzlan.

It’s made of my oldest memories and it seems indistinguishable from dreams.

Here is a quote from Gronk, one of the original Chicano nuevo LA artists:

“sleepwalking is a mild form of madness. don’t wake me or i might fall and hurt myself.”

Cheech Marin is one of my heroes for championing Chicano art.

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