Color de Sangre

I opened the Cine Mexicano: Posters from the Golden Age 1936-1956, book and had to look carefully at each page. I could not put it down.

It is amazingly rich and the artists are uber skilled.

This poster, inside the book, was painted in 1954 by Josep Renau Berenguer (1907-1982). He was born in Valencia, Spain.

He studied art at the Valencia School of FIne Arts. In Mexico, collaborated with David Alfaro Siqueiros.  He moved to Berlin in the 50s.

The pages of the book reflect light. Its hard to get good pix.

This is the original of a design I put on one of my candles.

The artist Ernesto Garcia Cabral (1890-!968) painted it in 1952.

Cabral was born in Huatusco, Veracruz. He won a scholarship to study at the San Carlos Art Academy when he was 17.

He went to work drawing for popular publications and then won a grant to study in Paris.

He created murals in Mexico and the U.S.

He is the first film poster artist that caught my eye after Berenguer’s Dona Diablo blew my mind.

 This is Maria Felix’s face. This one, from the film Dona Diablo, with the intense black, yellow and red colored planes, was the first I saw back when I was first scouting in the internets for Mexican images.

I love the eyes and lips.

It is very dramatic. Fitting for a movie poster.






Beautiful Las Carinosas,  more poster art by Cabral. He did alot of work for comedies. There is always a sense of humor in his excellent caricatures.



 More Cabral — muy borracho.

   This poster was done in 1950 by Jesus Salinas. There is no biographical info on him.















This charro is from 1947 by Jose Cruz (1917).

Cruz was born in Teocaltiche, Jalisco. He studied art in the U.S. and then settle in Mexico City as a commercial artist.

Cruz created several popular comic book heroes including Doctor Benton, El Santo and Adelita. He wrote 33 screenplays and even acted in films.

American film had its cowboys. 

Mexico’s film industry was into caballeros, too. They had a whole charro genre. 

It looks like Jorge Negrete was a big star. He is featured in several posters but my favorite is for the movie El Fanfarron (The Braggart). It is not credited to any particular artist.

I love this one! Those eyes and eyebrows are fantastic. The lips, the nose, the little curls on the forehead, the cigarette smoke against the black hat. Chale!

This has taken me hours to put just these few images together and I must get back to painting my jaguar.

Aren’t these things great?

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