When the Grandkids Get Here

I know it’s going to be awhile, and I am definitely not trying to exert pressure prematurely, but when my grandkids get to this world I’ll be ready for them.

Call me crazy, but I swear I can feel their spirits out there. They are just waiting for an ultra cool mom like Jessica and a super true dad like Brian. When they’re ready the sweet little spirits will float in to begin their journey here in this dense heartbreaking, gooey, love-drenched world. I will say “Namaste!”

Namaste = The God/Goddess Spirit within me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit within you.

Namaste is significant because it is a humbling gesture. Namaste is done as a recognition that we are all on equal standings, all of us are children of divinity. We are one.

I worked this week to finish the Mayan Jaguar that I started months ago and this morning I hung it over the bathtub beneath blue fairy lights in our bathroom.


It looks fresh out of a kids book and maybe someday it will be. I can tell then the story of the rabbit scribe.

I’m beginning to see that have my own style. The things I paint come out with my scrambled innocence and, I think, show a sense of humor.



I have a vintage Mexican woven piece from the 30s in this room which pretty much gave me the vision of the cat in the first place, that and the turquoise tile.  The Jaguar painting looks cool and spooky in it’s darkish spot. I may put a string of golden fairy lights beneath it.


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