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Tuesday with Morning

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Tuesday has arrived at last and I am here trying to gather myself and get to work.

I felt very much like painting this morning and I am hoping that I can avoid being so distracted that I lose that motivation.

The light was brilliant outside the kitchen windows this morning and the wind helped make the fairy light circles dance around the patio, all over the herbs and vegetables, the picnic bench and the gray concrete.

The sun made the tarragon look so great. The yellow was bright and beautiful next to the green.

I didn’t really have a choice of color when I bought the buckets but blue has looked just right in all the pictures.

A few days ago I received notification that the Amaryllis Belladonna bulbs I ordered had arrived at my local Orchard Hardware Supply.


They look great but the best thing is their aroma. I’ve spoken of it here before. It’s heavenly. My perfect environment includes the sea, towering eucalyptus and soft California rolling hills dotted with Amaryllis on their naked stems.

We won’t see these until next spring. At least I don’t expect to see them. The plants in California often become confused by weird weather.


The pale yellow chilis I cut last week are turning orange.

They are big, about four or five inches long, and waxy. When they are yellow they taste like something you’d find on an Italian sandwich . They mellow into a more interesting flavor as they darken.

I think, this year, I’ve had more fun looking at the vegetables than eating them. 

Still, a tomato that tastes like a tomato is a wonderful thing.

I posed the ripened chilis like nude models yesterday.


This one is a delight with the green stem and the patch of yellow near the tip encircled by the darkest orange color, nearly red.

 As usual these vegetal things have the best color sense. I bow down to their natural ability to work a color scheme.

Perfect in every stage.

I love the wrinkled, dissected chili with the seeds exposed.

Clothing designers, I have spent the last few weeks with you via Project Runway.

You could really get “organic” into your pallette if you spent a little more time with veggies. Cut them open and have a look. Watch them ripen. They have a lot to tell you about shape, texture, blending color.

16 Days

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I am doing deep breathing exercises and I feel I will need to do them religiously over the course of the next 16 days.

I have consumed a lot of MSNBC. I have been experiencing the car crash syndrome. I cannot often look away but sometimes the vicious skankiness that is being hurled gets to be too much and I have to close my eyes.

We all love America. Do you sometimes not recognize her? Do you sometimes wonder how such blatantly irresponsible people were able to assume her care?

Can we ever put important decisions back into the hands of a well-informed citizenry? How will we recover the fire of commitment to know what is going on here? How will we enlighten the ignorant and guide them onto a path where learning and questioning are necessities for being “pro-American?”

Please read this article on American voter stupidity.

When will we stop bullshiting and start demanding a clear accounting for all the important elements of this society?

Breath, breath, slowly exhale.

I cannot bear to wake up on November 5th to find crass liars and hate-stoking imbeciles headed to the White House.

Let the true-hearted shepherds take a turn. Let the people put their hands on the wheel again.

Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Started the morning listening to NPR. Scott Simon was talking to a man with a very, very soothing voice. Simon seemed very moved by much of what the man said.

Simon’s guest was a deep thinker. His words showed a very intelligent view of life and the universe. Some of the things he said were profound and unexpected especially for someone in his profession.

It was Terrence Howard.

He spoke of spending the last few weeks with his mother before her death. He spoke of teaching his son important things like  carpentry and landscaping. He spoke of his interest in science and the nature of the universe, bubbles, clouds, symmetry.

We heard some music from his new self-produced recording.

I looked at his astrological chart. He’s a Piscean with moon in Sagittarius. We don’t know his Rising sign (Ascendent) because we have no birth time.

Here is the Astrotheme chart for Howard. Check it out so you can have a visual guide.

His Mercury is in Aquarius, his Venus and Saturn in Aries, his Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter and Uranus in Libra, Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. 

He has a lot of Fire in his chart but a good amount of Water and Air, too. Very little Earth.

He’s fairly balanced. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs. One giving imagination. One giving courage and the will to take action. The combination means an innate ability to make dreams come to fruition.

His album is called “Shine Through It” and that is pretty much his philosophy. Don’t let the crud get you down. Just shine your love through it.

Love + action = shinging through it.

I was shocked when scanning through google image that I did not find 100 dreamy color pictures of Howard and his beautiful green eyes.

I did find one that I like.

Hearing the radio interview with Howard, who I really like as an actor, caused me to add a couple of movies to my Netflix queue.

I realized that I hadn’t seen Oprah’s filmed version of Norah Zeale Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God.”

I’m pretty sure I did not watch the film when it was on TV because it stars Halle Berry.

I know Oprah thinks Halle is the most beautiful woman in the world and I have appreciated her acting, say in “Monster’s Ball.”  But even if Berry is a strong black woman she is not the strong black woman I saw in my mind’s eye when I read the book.

If you read Hurston’s heartbreaking story, and please do before you see the film, you will see what I mean. I know everybody has different images of fictional character’s cast in their minds when they get lost in a tale, but Halle Berry? Really Oprah? Naw. She’s too of her time. Her beauty is of a sort of anemic contemporary sort. It doesn’t seem rich or earthy enough to be the kind I imagine I read in “Their Eyes Were Watching God.”

And if I had cast the movie I would have given Terence Howard the role of Teacake. What I love most about Howard is his tenderness,  the way he communicates vulnerability.

I’m pretty sure another actor (Michael Ealy) got that plum role in Oprah’s version. So right there, I think I might have to take it off my list.

Lately, I think after watching “Iron Man,” I have imagined that I would write a screen play in which Terrence plays a beautiful gay man. I see him with long hair. He is the founder of a communal living space. Maybe this is in some foreign place or time. I haven’t really begun to think it through but it could be very dreamy and powerful, just like Howard.

Alone and Yet . . .

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It is that time of year. The holidays are just around the corner.

This year, more than many other years, we really should be thinking of authentic alternatives to our typical knee-jerk reaction to use a credit card to extend our giving power.

In the past when I was more naive I fell under the consumerist holiday madness. I’d just shut off the part of my brain that whispered, loudly at times, “not a good idea!”

We know that what really enriches us are those moments we spend with our loved ones engaged in activities that make us laugh, cry, act silly, or even tell some meaningful truth to one another.

This picture of Jessica was taken by Tommy Corey. She was 16.

 I went to the post office Tuesday to send a couple of prints to a friend in San Antonio. I was standing in line when I noticed the lovely Kelly Brewer standing in front of me. We talked a bit. She said she and her mother read this very blog. 

It sometimes comes as a shock when I realize that real people are at the other end of the numbers in my blog data. The “who” behind the 50 to 100 pairs of eyes each day mostly remains a mystery. I might be able to name a handful.

“Your children are beautiful,” Kelly said at one point.

I nearly cried because I’d been really missing Jessica that day. Reading a book about the Rolling Stones and listening to “Beggars Banquet” did it. The Stones were one of her early favorites. 

I’m glad that my kids are finding their way now. It’s such a great time of life, to be discovering things on your own, seeing many things for the very first time, being enchanted by life.

I’ve spent a long time trying to discover what it is I do best. I try to do it better each day and stay true to my own aesthetic. I’ve kept pretty much to myself while working on that stuff. I have my intimate relationships and I shy away from most others. I imagine there will be more organically grown relationships in my future. Friendships that come out of shared passions, interactions related to meaningful engagement in the larger world, that is, if I ever get out my own psychic door.

I want to share but I’m a closet case. It’s something else I’ve been working on.

The result is I’ve made quite a few things now and I want to get them out into the flow of humanity. My Etsy shop has been a great way to pretend that my creations sit on display in a big, bright, international hall while I hide out.

I want other people who are attracted to my things to pick them up, take them home and show them to, or give them to, their friends. All this will happen, I imagine, while I’m invisible, giggling like a skittish child.

For the first time, ever, I will be donating a few things to the Shasta County Arts Council holiday sale event. I have to decide which things I think people will most like and that’s the hard part.

 I’ve got the plushies:



































The block prints:










The Sun Catchers:

I was stoked to find out that wordpress now offers bloggers a chance to do any kind of poll we want.

I decided I’d ask for your help, dear reader, deciding what to send to the Old City Hall.

Here are is the last catagory included in the poll below, prints of paintings:








































Morning Light

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This morning the light was so beautiful.

It was a pleasure to have eyes.

I spent some time cutting off dead portions of the vegetable plants. Here it is Oct. 15, and they are still growing.

These look blue due to having forgotten to change the light setting on the camera.

I shot the “regular” eggplant. It had taken so long to develop I wonder if we will have to eat it prematurely.

The tops of the plants look alot like Frank’s little frog creatures. They conjure fairy faces in the mind.


He made half a dozen new critters and we neglected to photograph them before sending them to a little gift shop in Pennsylvania where they now reside. Boo.

Here is his Changeling with Bat friend. These are the kind of creatures I imagine when I look at plants. Sweet organo spooks. Creature that live in the vines and thickets. They like the morning light, too.

I feel things coming together.

My creative carousel things spin slowly around. Each thing I do has a place. Each is a brightly painted pony.

Will my stories ever marry with my visual art? I think Frank has already started his.

I know there will be grandkids someday and I want to make story books for them. And songs, funny songs.

From the multicolored hydrangea bush.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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I started Monday with a 6-mile ride on the stationary bike. I have been reading Bill Janovitz’s “Exile on Main Street” while I ride. The 33 1/3 books are tiny and easy to hold. Time flys.

Yes, I stretch occasionally while riding but handlebar action is out of the question. They move back and forth on the bike I bought and I pedal fast.  I’m sure I’d be ailing if I held on to them. I’d be jerking all around like I had St. Vitus Dance ( I love you, Andy).

I’ve been riding the bike regularly for about two weeks now. I have to make and effort to stay strong. Who knows how tough times will get.

Pedaling backwards utilizes different muscles and seems to give a more intense workout.

Can you see the pink cover for my copy of Laurie Lindeen’s “Petal Pusher: A Rock n Roll Cinderella Story” on that shelf?

That was a good autobiographical rock book.

Laurie Lindeen came out of the Minneapolis scene at the time of the Replacements and Soul Asylum. I know a lot of folks have been uber moved by the later. I’m interesting in hearing how the girls do it. All politics are personal. Lindeen’s story is the very real deal. We get to see and feel, up close how the struggles with her band Zuzu’s Petals are inseparable from her intimate private life.

She and her mates are strong women. 

If you love women and learning about the challenging life of musicians you should definitely read this story. 

Wow. That was a “Reading Rainbow” level book review, wasn’t it?

On  the drive to work and on the drive home I listened to “Let It Bleed.” It’s been a while since I listened to that album. I had the CD on, up loud in the car. It’s one of my favorite places to listen to music because, all alone, I can get lost in the sounds.

I wanted to add “You Got the Silver” to my list of random things “music that makes me cry.” It almost does. I love Keith’s voice and his bereft, stubborn passion. “I’ll pay the price.”

We have many Stones recordings on CD but not “Exile on Main Street.”

 The oddest thing I’ve learned so far from reading the Exile book is that they were going to call the album “Tropical Disease.” Thank God somebody came to their senses.

Can you imagine? That’s the horrifically tacky 80s vibe precognitively sneaking in to somebody’s aesthetic sensibilities (Mick).

Exile is another cassette tape that did not make it through Jessica’s Jagger-Richards drenched teenhood.

Tapes of excessive length do not stand up to heavy use.


My Rhino Records Quicksilver Messenger Service tape, “Sons of Mercury” (they were nearly all Virgos in that band) crashed years ago.

Monday was J’s last day at the old RS shack. It was draggish to imagine one more goodbye lunch. 98 percent of all the people for whom I have harbored affection are gone. 

I like J. She is loaded with great qualities, brilliance, determination and humor being three of the best. I will miss her presence on the weekends.

Tag Response: 6 Random Things About Me

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Here is the latest blog entry from my artist, writer friend Nikki Kallio.

She said: “Last month I was tagged by my friend over at Greg’s Plate to tell you six random things about me and then tag some other bloggers. Well, better late than ‘Screw you! I’m not doing it!’ ”

See Nikki’s interesting half a dozen on her blog Purple Houses.

She ends the blog entry this way: “Let’s see… I’ll tag Nita, Candace, Constance,
Christina, Teri, and Jakob. “

I accept the “6 random things” challenge though I feel, deep down in my soul, that my blog posts have revealed a shite-load of random things about me.

1. Between the ages of 30 and 40 I dyed my hair just about every color in existence. I settled on red before I let it go gray/white. I had black hair for the time it took me to drive to the store and buy bleach. Not a good color for me.

2. My father, who did not raise me, was arrested and made the L.A. newspapers for a drunken, unoriginal threat to kill the president. I am unsure of the time frame. Sometimes radical bullshit backfires.

3. Sometime during elementary school my “friend” Connie Grater told me that boys had periods, too. She said the blood came out of their butts.

4. As a very young child I was afraid of the dog puppet Farfel used in the commercial for Nestle’s Quick. It was the way the large curled mouth clapped shut after Farfel said his one-word line: “Choc-lit!!”

5. I feel the songs of these bands so intensely that it bring tears to my eyes: Queens of the Stone Age (almost anything from Lullabies to Paralyze, especially Tangled Up in Plaid and I Never Came), Love (And More Again and many more), Quicksilver Messenger Service (Mona/Maiden of the Cancer Moon), Jefferson Airplane (Saturday Afternoon, Coming Back to Me), Brian Jonestown Massacre (Space Girl), Tim Buckley (Dream Letter, Sefronia, The Earth is Broken).

6. I believe Turquoise is a color that should be used sparingly.

I won’t be able to tag six others. Gotta go off to to the factory.

The best thing about yesterday, Saturday, was agreeing to a trade with the mighty NB and in a separate realm hearing the phrase “meat bee” repeatedly.

I want to start a comic starring Meat Bees!

This is NB’s one-eyed Jack which I covet.

He has the coolest accessories and personalized art.

He makes cool doggie earrings, too.

Check it out.

I had a dream last night that Rachel Maddow’s girlfriend was trying to tempt me into having a thing with her.

I was horrified at the thought of Rachel’s girlfriend cheating on her and possibly causing Rachel pain.

It was hard to resist the girlfriend, though.

Does that mean my vague lesbian alter-ego is butch?

Later in dreams I discovered these really cool rope swings attached to ceiling beams in a room where I lived. The ropes seems to be attached to a tire or some base and they swung and twirled in a really cool way. I looked up at one point and saw that the ropes grazed an old fashioned ceiling light cover, put little nicks in the edges but I still kept swinging.