YES: Obama Nation

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and feel once again that maybe most Americans don’t suffer from low I.Q.

Despite my desire to believe most of us are rational, kind hearted people, eight years of Bush darkened my view of the citizenry.

But the looks on people’s faces last night, every color and creed of people, was amazing. As they waited in the park in Chicago, as they celebrated in the streets and danced from pure joy and exhuberance all over America, people felt that once again they had a stake in the future. It was like being let out of a psychic prison. 

People barreled out the heavy doors, threw their arms up and took a real deep breath of freedom.

Now I wait for the failure of Prop. 8. If it passes by a slim margin I guess that means there are more frightened, close-minded ninnies in California than thought. I know the courts will eventually over turn it. It’s a denial of human rights and it will not stand.

But Damn. It’s an OBAMA NATION!

Poster by Shepherd Fairey.

Happy in S.F. Nov. 4, 2008:


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