Ghostland Observatory Austin Tejas

You want to know this band.

You need to tell me what you make of this. I saw them in 2007 on Austin City Limits. Uber Sexy Front Man, Old Style and yet Fresh. They blew up my mind.

“We just got up there and started jackin’ tracks.”

More G.O., Thomas Turner and Aaron Behrens:

Fine, funny, free:


3 Responses to “Ghostland Observatory Austin Tejas”

  1. I love them. I just saw them last Friday at the Metro in Chicago.
    For 2 guys, they have a big big sound. The show they put on is intense energy because of frontman Aaron Behrens, he whips people into a frenzy.
    The lazers are also intense and beautiful and fit their sound. Thomas Turner the man on the synths and drums composes all the layers and plays them in real time without a computer.
    There are some people that will not give them any credit because they don’t play the corporate game and also because they are not a traditional band (guitars, grums, etc). I think people are very shortsighted and afraid to just like something because it is enjoyable and gives them pleasure. The people in traditional bands cannot do something like this, they are stuck in a rut of a couple of decades of the music industry defining what music is. It hasn’t been allowed to evolve. Music doesn’t have to have a reason to be, it never has. If you enjoy it, great listen, if ya don’t, pass it by. No need to pick everything to death as legitimate, it’s all legitimate. They are refreshing and fun. You go, you get a kickass show and I anyway, feel like I got something for my money. 2 guys who put it out there and come to the show ready to entertain you, the paying customer.
    Personally, if you don’t like it I think you’re nutz!! It’s a big cathartic sweat/dance party. Just fun!!!!

  2. Unbelievable.
    The front man is too beautiful.

  3. The front man is smooth and rolls like water.

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