Like a Veggie Goddess

lasteggplantjewelsHere she is. The last eggplant of the season. Magnificent, bejeweled (her stylist insisted) and with that drape of green, looking very Veronica Lake.

So, all in all, I deeply appreciated the sustainence the veggies provided but the visuals were the best part.

It’s a little sad to look out the kitchen window and see only a lone chili pepper plant.

I have started to give the squirrel family that resides in or near our pine tree a pre-holiday winter treat — crunchy peanut butter balls rolled in pistachios and cranberries.

Pretty rich huh? In the face of the rumoured depression I want to share this relatively high-on-the-hog-period of plenty with the furry creatures.


It had rained heavily and light was reduced as this eggplant struggled to mature.


Flowers that I’ve been told are camellias are going wild along our walk way. Not a bloom all spring and summer now they are out. they are a red and white blend.

There is something that just screams 1950s about them. have you seen Todd Haynes’ “Far From Heaven” ? That time period was very perverse. Some of the individual flowers on the bushes are cool but the bushes themselves seem to bear the aroma of repression.

Here is an eggplant blossom as part of a kitchen window tableau:


I’m on vacation from the info factory. No, not yet the permanent vacation. I get 11 straight days, the longest stretch I’ve taken in the last six years.

I’ve been organizing at home, sewing clothes to make them fit better, making scarves for the cold weather, dying curtains and anything else that seemed it would be better in a maroon shade.

I received a second package of glitter eyeliner today. Copper, bright gold and medium pink. I was delighted with a second roller tube of gratis cherry lip gloss from the Cherry Culture Co.

I have made a mental note that this last spending spree will end the material acquisitions. I’ve got everything I need. 

I imagined today that if worse comes to worse I’ll be the wandering bag lady with the fiercest eye make up. I’ll carry a little stand up mirror in my hobo bag and draw it out each morning to create my magic glitter adornment. I have plenty of scarves and I will pick the best outfits to take with me should I become homeless.  Things that that rollup for easy storage, some leggings, some long sleeved T-shirts. My homemade, signifying short sleeve T-shirts __ Keith Richards, Iggy Pop, Lou and Rachel and my new Mitch Mitchell memorial T. I’ll put them over the long sleeve T’s. Then a jacket or a sweater.

I imagined that like the non- materialists of the past, the wandering hippie children, the transient, train-hopping hobos and nuevo bum punks, we’ll all learn how to get along, barter, live off the still remaining fat of the land. We’ll form new communes in the large abandoned commercial spaces that used to house Best Buy or Macy’s.

Punk rock crafters will have to concentrate on highly usable but ingeniously adorned items. Everybody will have portable solar collector/battery units.

Wal Mart will survive but I imagine their parking lot will experience an extreme crime wave. I won’t go there.

As I drove home from the hardware store today I was stopped at the light on Cypress and Athens avenues. At the car dealership red and yellow flags were undulating in the unseasonably warm breeze. The colors contrasted subtly with the trees behind them. I was overwhelmed by a joyous feeling of thankfulness. It was beautiful to be alive, to have eyes to be human.





One Response to “Like a Veggie Goddess”

  1. I love the dan savage bit about being Sarah Palin’s gay friend.

    I’m writing you tho because I’m wondering if the Randy Kemp that you mention is the same one who used to live in Athens Ga, went to Paris to study clowning at Jacque le coc and then, tragicly died of hepatitis after eating tainted fish.
    If that is the same Randy I was just wondering if you have any photos of him or memories you wouldn’t mind sharing.
    He was a close friend and one I really loved and still miss.
    Thanks, Jeremy

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