True Confessions

It’s deep into fall and the big tree next door is turning.


Listening to Nico’s “Chelsea Girl.”



 It puts you in a certain time and place if you take the simple approach.

1967. New York City. Post Velvet Underground. A handful of young musicians flowed through her life at this time. She had asked Tim Buckley to play guitar for her act. He was toting around an enormous ego and said no. His friend Jackson Brown traveled from the rural splendor and sunshine of Orange County/LA and hit the big city.

Brown spent some quality time with Nico. You can here it on “Chelsea Girl” which opens with his song The Fairest of the Seasons.

There are two more of his songs.

Here is the track listing from the wiki:

[edit] Side A

  1. “The Fairest of the Seasons” (Jackson Browne, Gregory Copeland) – 4:06
  2. These Days” (Jackson Browne) – 3:30
  3. “Little Sister” (John Cale, Lou Reed) – 4:22
  4. “Winter Song” (Cale) – 3:17
  5. “It Was a Pleasure Then” (Nico, Reed, Cale) – 8:02

[edit] Side B

  1. “Chelsea Girls” (Reed, Sterling Morrison) – 7:22
  2. I’ll Keep It With Mine” (Bob Dylan) – 3:17
  3. “Somewhere There’s a Feather” (Browne) – 2:16
  4. “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams” (Reed) – 5:07
  5. “Eulogy to Lenny Bruce” (Tim Hardin) – 3:45

 Interesting songs. I like Nico.

I am prejudiced in favor of the Taurus but Nico’s most interesting lover and the one that conjures the most enticing visuals in my mind is James Osterberg (Iggy Pop). 

I think I remember reading that she cooked him brown rice and veggies. Can you see it?

 Here’s a fairly recent Iggy interview. And a link to check out his autobiography “I Need More.” What a great slogan for a Taurus.

I must confess that if I were Nico I would have to sample the fine young James Osterberg, too. I would cook him brown rice and vegetables but I might throw in some chicken. We’d probably need protein for energy. I’d give him whatever he liked best. Jackson Browne was cute but Iggy/James was busting out all over.

I found a couple of cool things that I couldn’t resist buying even though I recently pledged to start stuffing my mattress with cash for the impending tough times.

I never go to the mall. There is rarely anything there that I find attractive and even when there is I can rarely bring myself to pay the retail price for it.

I went last week to do the question of the week for my news factory employer. After finding the requisite amount of strangers on whom I popped the question I went into a new store called Torrid. It seems to be a Hot Topic for women with more abundant pulchritude and a more punky attitude.

I found black tights with silver glitter skulls! Nutty, irresistable and they were on sale!



In this same shop I also found a couple of cool scarves and a shirt with cute skulls. Here it is with a white scarf I dyed in the great marooning. I hesitated on the shirt. Thinking I could live without it. But then it just wouldn’t let me go. It danced in my head and I went back a few days later and plopped down the cash.



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