The Return of Moxi

me111908Wednesday I waited for the cable guy to show up. The second one in two days.

I tried to return my Motorola DVR boxes by taking them to the local cable office and asking for two Moxi boxes instead. Moxie boxes are far superior to the latest Motorola.

I found that Moxi boxes can’t be given out over the counter. They require a serious hook up by technicians who must call in series of numbers, program this and fiddle with that before the box is ready to go.

When it’s ready to go, it’s ready to go and you are good, really good until your poor little box dies from exhaustion.

My son was the first one to have his Moxi box die. The new box I brought home from the cable office wasn’t in his room for more than a couple days before he gave it a hard core thumbs down review. The only good thing about it was its storage capacity. Operating it, well, it was hardly worth the added space, he said.

Our Moxi box died a month ago. We got a new Motorola box. The Moxi is actually a Motorola but there is world of difference between the two.

We tried really hard to give the new box a fair shake and time to prove itself. Our initial discontent was never ameliorated. It seemed clear that the functionality of the new cable DVRs was designed by smart-ass monkeys.

The overriding criteria of the design plan must have been to increase 10-fold the difficulty of each and every operation.

Something that once took two steps now required five or six. The designers eliminated the handy carousel where all the main functions of the Moxi were located.

Bad move. 

The “recording series” options in the new box went rogue immediatley. Unable to distinguish a new series episode from it’s twin or triplet if it occurs the same day  the machine records all of the repeats even if you tell it to record only one. 

Any sort of interference causes your recording to break up into small separate segments.

There is advertising on the screen with the sorry TV Guide menu.  The way you must scan through the channels is far inferior to the display offered with the Moxi. It streches out in linear fashion to infinity and it is very easy to lose track of where you are.

Did I mention there was advertising stuck to the menu?

When the corporate office sends a particular type of new info to your box you often lose the ability to see future listings for a while.

I will warn those who might be about to make the change. DON’T TAKE the NEW BOX!!!

Wait for a reoriented Moxi! Tell all clerks and technicians who will listen that the new Motorolas are an insult to you as a paying customer. Demand that they BUY NEW MOXIs.

On the phone to a non local customer service person (you can no longer call the local office) I registered my complaint. Then the call handler assured me that the company would be getting new Moxi boxes in January or February.

The cable guy who showed up here Tuesday, without Moxi boxes, intended to talk me out of making the switch. I knew he would so I was ready for him. He also said the coporation was not buying new Moxis because they were too expensive.

I pay nearly $200 a month for my bundled services, phone with free long distance and all the call waiting etc., fast internet and lots of cable. I like it but Charter better pony up for the new Moxis or they’ll be shoving customers out into the cold and right into the hands of the Dish guys.   

Bottom line — I’ll cancel the cable before I settle for the monkey-designed new box. The Monday cable guy set me up with another appointment for today saying they would have a hundred refreshed Moxis by then.

Saturday when we had a slight outage I got confrimation from a second corporate spokesperson that Charter would indeed be getting new Moxis. Paradise!


3 Responses to “The Return of Moxi”

  1. skipmurphy Says:


    I got a new box and thought they were much better. The old one burned itself up. Those old things got hot enough to fry eggs on. Very inefficient use of electricity. Nevermind your cable bill, check your electricity bill! Plus the new ones have HDMI, which seems to make for a better picture. You’re right about the sneaky ad, though.

    Best wishes,


  2. Thanks for stopping by!
    Geez, I’ll have to keep an eye on the electric bill.
    I know that each type of box has its proponents. I wonder if it is circles versus straight lines?
    How do you get your box to record only one of a show that repeats through out the day?

  3. Loved your blog! I too I’m crazy about my Moxi boxes. We have two of them and pay $15 each a month for rental. They are so far ahead of the Standard Motorola DVRs, Replay and Tivo DVRs it’s not even funny. It’s like they stole alien technology. The HD picture is unbelievable. You cannot even tell that there is a DVR compressing the video and constantly recording. On top of that you can record two at a time. Ridiculous. The interface is so easy to use. I’ve got a Terabyte drive connected to each and I can record probably 1,000 hours on these. I’ve got at least 60 movies recorded on the home theater Moxi.

    One of our Moxi boxes went toes up a few months ago. They send a tech out, who of course didn’t have a Moxi on his truck. He tried to push the BRAND NEW state of the art Motorola on us. Piece of crap. Interface sucks, can’t use USB drives etc. In two days I had them back out with another Moxi. The tech told me the same thing, that they are not going to buy anymore Moxis. I told him they’d better keep the old ones running then because I’ll go to Dish if Charter tries to discontinue. Long Live Moxis!!

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