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Bonnie and Clyde

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And which came first? Before The film by Warren Beatty was this pre-cursor music video by Serge Gainsbourg with Brigitte Bardot:

Serge was born on my birthday, April 2. Real name, Lucien Ginsberg, and he was a poet.

Girl Don’t Come

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Here is one of my favorite songs from back in the early days.

Cilla Black “Girl Don’t Come”

Let It Rain

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Delaney Bramlett died in Los Angeles from complications of gall bladder surgery. He was 69.

News stories are noting that he wrote the song “Let It Rain” with Mr. Eric Clapton and that he was in the houseband on the TV show “Shindig.”

After you pull out your Delaney Bramlett LPs and let that sweet soul music flow all over you get yourself over to youtube and check out the crusty Shindig gems. Oh, those crazy kids.

I still want a time machine so I can go back to the sixties and marry Mark Volman.

Miss Jessica this one’s for you:

Hang in there for the first minute. There’s Rolling Stones:

The Righteous Brothers and maybe . . .

The British Invasion. Yes use it as a search phrase with Shindig. You’ll be glad you did:

I had a crush on John Paul Jones of Manfred Mann (2nd group). This wass not his most stunning outfit.

I hear the Powerpuff Girls music going through my head. I must go fight crime.

Mix Tape Blues

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I tried my hand at making a mix tape as I had promised to create one for some lovely young hipster relatives of mine.

They sent me a beautiful specimen to cheer me through Christmas and beyond.

I got through side one of my project and screwed up the last song which was too long.

I haven’t listened to the bungled side one, but somehow, in the very beginning the thing got away from me.

I’d selected about 10 tapes to blend a song or two from but started with a different first song than I had planned and it all went to hell from there.

I’m sure the thing sounds like the work of a drunken psycho killer and not in a good way. Am I rusty. It was kind of fun but I think half of me is in a dark place.

I started with Elvis Costello’s “I’m Not Angry” and followed that with John Doe’s “I’d Hate to F*@# up World-wide Brotherhood.”

Dude, I messed up.

I’ll try again when I’m done with my custom Dragons and Deluxe super giant squid special orders!

Zohar and Dragons

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It’s my day off and I’m listening to a new CD that came in the mail Monday.

zoharcdFresh Air with Terry Gross featured the music of Erran Baron Cohen last week and I really liked it.

EBC wrote the music for his brother’s Borat movie. Both of these men have a calling to question borders and the meaning of culture.

Check them out. Sasha and Erran. They must have some mighty genes in that family. Brilliant.

doyouhaveanyfaithcdErran Baron Cohen was on fresh air because he has a Hanukkah album. It kicks ass, too.

I was contacted via Etsy’s Alchemy special orders set up and asked if I thought I could make two little dragons. I said I’d try it. So my busy season extends by another two weeks. This will be fun.

The dragon comes from the Flight of the Conchords show.

Here is a video:

Atomic Cafe 1980

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I remembered an amazing stylie-thing from the late 70’s a few days back.

Imagine if this girl has twice as much volume to her hair, it was slightly teased, or ratted on the top and she lost the cliche jewelry and T-shirt image and had a more authentic rock, thrift store aesthetic. Oh, yeah, and imagine she was a screamingly cool Japanese-American waitress in the late 70’s.

Like most I’ve been super busy so I just had to jot myself a note and trust I’d get back to it. Today’s the day.

For the new year 1980, I’d taken a break from San Francisco and returned to the place I was raised — Orange County, CA.

After finding that there was a whole new music scene rising in the wake of punk I had to inform my OC friend that she really out to check out some of the new clubs.

OC was barren. They eventually turned the old rock/funk venue into a punk place but Orange County, probably because of it’s super white faction, was always overly fond of hard core, dumb-ass nazi-punk.

From the southern district we hit the freeway and drove up to LA where some really interesting music was happening. It was still the home of the music industry and common career think, even for alterna-musicians, included the common wisdom that one must move to L.A. to “make it.”

At that time there were quite a few clubs. The Whiskey had not yet become the pay-to-play venue it was during the hair-band days. The still had the best of cutting edge rock and roll –X, the Blasters, Los Lobos — way early.

They weren’t the most happening. I preferred Club 88. I saw good music there. It was small and funky. And my fave three bands — X, the Blasters, Los Lobos — among many others played there. I saw the Meat Puppets there for the first time. They blew my mind and won my heart. 

The Starwood was happening. It was huge and strange. Always seemed a little sleazy in that peculiar wrecked-Hollywood kind of way. DEBAUCHED in a less creative way that other places that were more sincerely devoted to the music. Hey, but what do I know.

I danced there with my friend Melodie to and “X” song  for a few minutes. I looked over and noticed “X” guitarist Billy Zoom was watching us with his bemused space-alien-dairy-boy smile, his large lake blue eyes shining.

I had a wicked crush on him at the time.

All these things are the flora and fauna that spring from the memory I had of the Atomic Cafe

It’s the one in the top photo. Check out this LA, 1980s site.

That memory was of the of the two Japanese-American, goth-punk waitresses that worked there. Follow that link and read a quick bit about the history of this downtown LA landmark.

This is Atomic Nancy probably later in the 80s. The hairdos I remember were extremely long and ratted at the top. It looked fabulous. No bleached or chopped sections but the bangs.

This is the place everyone went to fill their bellies with noodles after the last great show of the night. The place was smoking hot. Punky fliers everywhere, musicians, freaks, artists, the best waitresses and the best music on the juke box. I loved to play “Adult Books” by X. I don’t even think the album “Wild Gift” had been released yet but the atomic Cafe had a pre-release single, a 45 rpm disc in their sound machine. It was a dream.

Must go sew squid then off to the news shack to slap those items on the internets.

Funky Whale

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Today may be the last day for making little gifts and taking trips to the post office where I’ve been nearly every day for the last 10 days.

This is my funky navy blue whale.

I’ve gone through my first Etsy Christmas rush. At least I’m assuming it’s about over and I made it just fine but then we’re talking about a modest volume of handmade goods but still, definitely a thrill.

Happy Birthday Keith Richards!! 65 years.

Slam Dance Dream

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The astrologers had warned me that I would have a flurry of planets at odds with my natal planets surrounding the time of the full moon.

It turned out to bear some soggy fruit.

I had another why-the-fuck-can’t-you-do-it-better-faster Sunday phone call from Ms M.

I wish she could grasp the fact that her harangues, rather than spurring me on to greater heights, actually act more like a stun-gun on my nervous system. I can’t function well for at least 40 minutes after an aggressive, snarly exchange. That’s where it devolves.

The first time she called while I was doing my best to keep up with a mountain of shit, I thought okay, feed the internet beast MORE MORE MORE!

Unfortunately, in the mean time my semi-stunned  state was laced with thoughts of her poor communication.

“Wait a minute! She never said I had to post an item every time it began to snow somewhere!”

The bile began to back up and when she called a second time I was just like No Way! You never said that.

Of course that leaves the slam-fight door open — her move — “Do I have to tell you everything!!!????

It got worse from there. I know she is under incredible pressure. But that, my dears, is her choice. She must be making some good money to lower her quality of life to that degree five days a week. She needs to cool it on letting her angst degrade everyone else’s quality of life.

I don’t get extra pay to be made to feel like a naughty child. The pursuit of humiliation is kinda perverse.

Wait a minute.

Have I hit on something?

Some little  secret buried deep in that special part of the brain pan?

Just kidding.

One of the cool things about a low profile is the secret cloak of invisibility.

Cha cha cha.

I dreamed that I was walking with some cooly bent hipsters. I  was singing The Stooges “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.”

Awwright! Woooohhhh!

A pretty face and a dirty love
knew right away that I had to get my hooks in you
yeah yeah yeah
I’m running low on memories
If you wanna make a buck boy, you gotta be a tease, uhuh
I say yeah yeah

I need it all, baby, that’s no lie
I need a lover with an alibi
I wanna fall into a love so sweet
Honey baby baby I’m hard to beat

A pound of flesh and a touch of bone
Smells in the air and I’m feeling so alone, uhuh
I say yeah yeah
Hallucination true romance
I needed love but I only got a chance, uhuh
That ain’t all

I’ll tell ya honey it’s a crying shame
All the pretty girls they look the same
I wanna fall into a love so sweet
Honey baby baby I’m hard to beat

Wooooh hey hey
Your pretty face is going to hell
Your pretty face is going to hell
Honey honey I can tell
Your pretty face is going to HELL!!!!

A pretty face and a dirty love
knew right away that I had to get my hooks in you
I say yeah yeah
I’m running low on my memories
If you wanna make a buck, boy, you gotta be a tease,
uhuh and that ain’t all
I say yeah yeah

I need it all, baby, that’s no lie
I need a lover with an alibi
I wanna fall into a love so sweet
Honey baby baby I’m hard to beat

Woooh yeah hey
Your pretty face is going to hell….

Sweet cuddles

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cutekittyIs this not the sweetest thing you’ve seen today?

I think I am in the process of making many, many kitties happy.

I have sold mass squid over the last week.  I’m stitching like a pro.

My granny’s cat was delirious when I gave him a new one packed with a super helping of catnip.

One day they will call me Queen of the felines.

People seem to like the gnome prints in my etsy shop.

I wish they would love prints of my paintings but when I think about it those faces are my passions.

People love Pete Townshend though.

Love and Work

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 I’ve been keeping myself busy this week getting holiday greetings and packages together, shipping off Etsy orders.

I sent another giant red squid to Australia. The third one!

These squid are stuffed with a lot of organic catnip. Granny’s cat loves his squid.

I have stopped a couple of times at the local thrift stores.  I found two packages of rainbow yarn that I will use to affix my darcy arts tags to squid and other critters like the Squidopus:

Also found at the thriftstore this week is this strange little box. Strange I think mostly because I found it in Redding.

It is a small box (3″ x 2.5″) with a picture of Leon Trotsky, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera on on the top.


The bottom is adorned with little blue drop shapes.


fridaboxtopsideWho made this box and then gave it away?

hjbackdropbPictures of Halloween Jack in mysterious Victorian disquise also took up some of my time. I did a photo shoot with this fellow on Tuesday.

hjstudioshotaStill haven’t got around to coloring the beautiful Arthur Lee but I will after the holiday bustle is loosened.

Hearing all the mind-boggling news about the wipe-outs in print journalism causes me to imagine that tensions at the old news factory will continue to escalate.

I pray to the beings of light that each in their heart can intuit the massive changes that are roiling and crashing to bring about a different world. It’s got to happen people. Lets be giving and shine our love on one another as the old ship rocks on the waves.

Did we think it was going to be easy for this massive sea vessel to transform itself into a small speed boat while negotiating a stormy sea?

Tisk Tisk. What ever we do let’s do with humor and love. Is that asking too much?