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Raw Power Crazies

Posted in music, projects with tags , , on December 8, 2008 by darcyarts

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I took the Stooges “Raw Power” out to the car and slipped it into the CD player.  It’s called Raw Power for a reason and that reason is obvious in the first five seconds. Then it just keeps blossoming like “a nuclear ‘A’ bomb.”


This music always gets me cranked up but this time it got laced into a Walter Mitty flight of fantasy.

I imagine that I have a huge work space in an industrial setting in the heart of a city. It has windows composed of a couple of dozen individual squares, the panes weathered and milky with age.

I work out every day, hard, until I drip sweat. I execute squats, kicks jumps, bends. I shimmy up ropes and swing like a monkey.


This is the place where my band and I meet everyday, flip the switches on our amps, slam the drumsticks on the skin and work our way through every song on Raw Power.

“Dance to the beat of the living dead. Lose sleep baby and stay away from bed.”

Months later I’m ripped and we’re ready to go. We launch the granny girl-band Raw Power tour. We hit the venues with a vengence and bring down the house every single night.

“Raw Power is more than soul. Raw power got a daughter called rock and roll. Raw power no, hey just wont quit. Raw Power I can feel it.”