Love and Work


 I’ve been keeping myself busy this week getting holiday greetings and packages together, shipping off Etsy orders.

I sent another giant red squid to Australia. The third one!

These squid are stuffed with a lot of organic catnip. Granny’s cat loves his squid.

I have stopped a couple of times at the local thrift stores.  I found two packages of rainbow yarn that I will use to affix my darcy arts tags to squid and other critters like the Squidopus:

Also found at the thriftstore this week is this strange little box. Strange I think mostly because I found it in Redding.

It is a small box (3″ x 2.5″) with a picture of Leon Trotsky, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera on on the top.


The bottom is adorned with little blue drop shapes.


fridaboxtopsideWho made this box and then gave it away?

hjbackdropbPictures of Halloween Jack in mysterious Victorian disquise also took up some of my time. I did a photo shoot with this fellow on Tuesday.

hjstudioshotaStill haven’t got around to coloring the beautiful Arthur Lee but I will after the holiday bustle is loosened.

Hearing all the mind-boggling news about the wipe-outs in print journalism causes me to imagine that tensions at the old news factory will continue to escalate.

I pray to the beings of light that each in their heart can intuit the massive changes that are roiling and crashing to bring about a different world. It’s got to happen people. Lets be giving and shine our love on one another as the old ship rocks on the waves.

Did we think it was going to be easy for this massive sea vessel to transform itself into a small speed boat while negotiating a stormy sea?

Tisk Tisk. What ever we do let’s do with humor and love. Is that asking too much?

4 Responses to “Love and Work”

  1. Great squid!! I thought that was a toilet paper enhancer at first… you could make a whole set to complement bathroom decor–simply darling! Makes me wish I had a cat still…. 😦

  2. Thank You! Excellent idea. I see squid in the bath.

  3. catnip squid! genius. i think that’s on the cat’s list.

  4. Thank you for sharing that great box with Rivera image!! is fantastic.
    for Rivera fans I suggest you to see the last murals and explanation about them hat are shown at, they were built in the last studio he had before he died and when he came back from Russia at the house of his best friend and maybe lover Lola Olmedo, they are spectacular and are for sale!!!! can you believe there are Rivera Murals for Sale?????

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