Mix Tape Blues

I tried my hand at making a mix tape as I had promised to create one for some lovely young hipster relatives of mine.

They sent me a beautiful specimen to cheer me through Christmas and beyond.

I got through side one of my project and screwed up the last song which was too long.

I haven’t listened to the bungled side one, but somehow, in the very beginning the thing got away from me.

I’d selected about 10 tapes to blend a song or two from but started with a different first song than I had planned and it all went to hell from there.

I’m sure the thing sounds like the work of a drunken psycho killer and not in a good way. Am I rusty. It was kind of fun but I think half of me is in a dark place.

I started with Elvis Costello’s “I’m Not Angry” and followed that with John Doe’s “I’d Hate to F*@# up World-wide Brotherhood.”

Dude, I messed up.

I’ll try again when I’m done with my custom Dragons and Deluxe super giant squid special orders!


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