Let It Rain

Delaney Bramlett died in Los Angeles from complications of gall bladder surgery. He was 69.

News stories are noting that he wrote the song “Let It Rain” with Mr. Eric Clapton and that he was in the houseband on the TV show “Shindig.”

After you pull out your Delaney Bramlett LPs and let that sweet soul music flow all over you get yourself over to youtube and check out the crusty Shindig gems. Oh, those crazy kids.

I still want a time machine so I can go back to the sixties and marry Mark Volman.

Miss Jessica this one’s for you:

Hang in there for the first minute. There’s Rolling Stones:

The Righteous Brothers and maybe . . .

The British Invasion. Yes use it as a search phrase with Shindig. You’ll be glad you did:

I had a crush on John Paul Jones of Manfred Mann (2nd group). This wass not his most stunning outfit.

I hear the Powerpuff Girls music going through my head. I must go fight crime.

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