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Machine Me

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Everything is a tool, right? Machines can be our friends.


All you have to do is get familiar with how it operates, know something about caring for your machine and then get used to the feel of it, right?

I’m going to go slow with this new machine. Yesterday I set it up, wound thread onto the bobbin successfully and got the needle threaded. This morning I’ll run a few stitched lines on some scrap material to see if the tension is right.

Thank the beings of light that this machine came with instructions that included lots of simple, clear illustrations.

All you old hands, I can hear you giggling. Just bear in mind my previously confessed traumatic experience in home ec class and say a prayer for me.

I love stitiching by hand. It’s relaxing but very time consuming. The thread runs out so quickly and threading needles is hard on the eyes.

The machine has a smart little threading device. Deelight.

There are plenty of parts of 3-D plushies I will have to do by hand to get their curves just right so I’ll have a balance of machine-aided sewing and dear hand crafted touches on each item.

It’s going to be time to make my tiny soft fleece hearts and itty bitty soft squid. Those will be too small to machine.

My beloved SF contingent sent cool buttons, lovely letters and a dreamy mix tape for Happy-Sunshine-Heart Christmas.

buttonsonnotebook1These faces may be familiar to you. Good writers all. I love Nick Cave in pigtails.

Look what happened:

nickcavepigtailsClose-up the Nick Cave button is looking great for future postcards! My obsession–> making postcards.

Let us not say that postcards are passe. I will send more to you all as the year passes.