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Namaste, Compaq

Posted in tech on January 3, 2009 by darcyarts


Yesterday I managed to get about half my blog post up after this here lil’ computer got kind of funky on me.

I know I go way too long on posts so it was probably a good thing. Still I put in the work and even tried to copy edit the text to the best of my ability and I lost the work. Boo.

Capt. we┬áneed more power! This is a sweet old Compaq, a Max G. Arnold cast-off that did it’s best work years ago. Still it soldiers on.

I bought a reconditioned ‘puter from Tiger Direct that always had problems. I paid about 400 bucks. It lasted in its clunky state, unable to properly download any program, for a few months. I had a guy look at it. It came back DOA. Could another more powerful IT wizard restore it’s life?

I tremble in fear at the prospect. Buy new I hear myself saying.

Until then, so what if I have to wait a whole 7 seconds until Google (or anything else) comes up. I can take it. I’ll do some deep breathing while I wait.

Can’t have more than four windows open at a time? Can my brain hold on to that many tasks to multi ?

To you old Compaq I say, “Namaste.”