Magical Thinking

gnomewbroken-potbThings have been going along just fine with this old computer but deep down I’m impatient and reason tells me that a meltdown could be near.

If I was a rational thinker with less imagination I would have solved my slow computer problem weeks ago but I’ve got a whole barn full of fancy that dazzles me on a daily basis.

My “new” computer, puchased from Tiger Direct back in February, was troubled from the beginning. I believe the root of the problem was a tainted operating system.

Sidebar: The tv journos are using that word too often these days and all I can think of is an old school Daily Show exposition on “taint” as a section of male physiognomy. Thanks alot guys. I blame Stephen Colbert! XXX

Sometime in the fall the Tiger Direct “new” computer took a short vacation to be repaired but it was a wipeout, literally. The hard drive was wiped clean and the old OS disc would not work.

Because of my smoothly scrambled magical thinking, where-in I imagine a whole host of possibilities, I put off dealing with the possibility of its resurrection.

In the last few weeks as I work diligently on my Etsy custom orders I was reminded what a pleasure and necessity it is to have a fast functional computer. I checked out new computers and eventually thought, well, if my old one has been wiped clean why can I not just buy a new operating system and start over?

After speaking to a young dude on the Best Buy Geek Squad about the feasibility of this plan I purchased Windows XP home from Amazon yesterday and await it’s arrival.

The reading I’ve begun will continue. I want to know more about computers so I don’t have to constantly be plagued by uncertainty.

If anybody knows of any obvious reason why my operating system replacement fix may back fire please let me know!

I am a babe wandering helplessly in the tech woods.


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