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Lists and Miraculous Changes

Posted in Art, dreams, family, projects, tech, television on January 21, 2009 by darcyarts


It is a time in my creative life when I am keeping lists. I have a lot to get to and I must keep my flow going.


It was inauguration day and I watched with delight. We had the TVs on MSNBC all day.

Every part of watching people joyfully gather to celebrate the official arrival of their new first family was life-affirming. Obama! Obama! Obama!

I spent hours cutting out dragon parts while looking in on the proceedings, the refreshingly earnest pagentry.

 Today as President Obama signed into law his fist bill, a salary freeze starting at the top, I was moved to tears to think that all the things that we know deep down in our hearts need to be addressed probably will be.

It took a whole day to get dragon parts ready for sewing.














I spent the later part of the day putting files onto data disks. I purchased Windows XP for the “new” refurbished Tiger Direct computer that was F’ed Up from the start. I’d like to be able to buy music downloads so I must update.


Still, this here Compaq is the work horse we’re on, and so I bravely and cautiously ran the JV16 Power Tools registry cleaner on it.

It seems to have made a world of difference.

You may recall my having complained in weeks past about its slowness. It was loaded with old programs and files that bogged it down. I managed to choose those I knew were defunct and so far so good.

In the past few days we had numerous circuit breaker overloads. Unfortunately the wall plug the computer is using is on the kitchen circuit.

When the simultaneous microslave, television, fairy lights, electric stove usage trips the switch, there goes the computer, too.

I don’t think it was too good for this old computer to repeatedly have the electrical rug pulled out from beneath it.

By the time I downloaded the power tools it was limping in the weeds.