Best Bargains in Redding

I have to blog about  a few of best bargains I’ve found in my trips out into the commercial world,  so far this month.

On breaks from cutting and sewing dragon parts, say, to buy more thread or button eyes or food supplies, I’ve happened on to some really wonderful things. 

One of the most delicious things I’ve ever  eaten is a cream cheese torte from Rising Sun Farms in Oregon.

I found them at Grocery Outlet on Churn Creek Road in Redding.

The first was an apricot, cranberry torte.


Yes, it’s sweet and fresh and covered with  cranberries. Dip an animal cracker in it! Superb. Put it on a bagel. Man, I had to keep myself from taking a spoon and just eating the stuff straight from it’s sweet little container.

At Grocery Outlet they had one with marrionberries, a spicy chile torte, one topped with crumbled chocolate crackers. They now live in my freezer. I will be sad when they are just a tasty memory.

At the beginning of the month I made a visit to my landlady’s cool thrift shop Margot’s Trading Post at 2963 E. Center Street in Anderson.

It has a country theme and is stuffed with her hand crafted levi jackets, lots of nice leather jackets and beautiful boots. If you are looking for turquoise and coral jewelry it’s the place to go.

I went down a few doors and checked out Meteor Records for the first time.

It’s a very small but really cool record shop. I came away with a double Howlin’ Wolf album for $12.

howlinaChess Records, baby.

I LOVE Chester!! He sounds great coming out of our big old speakers. Owwww!

Yesterday I was out at the $1 store near KMart. I needed cheap detergent because the price of name-brand detergent is getting ridiculous! I’ve decided to make mine from a variety of cheap liquid soaps and see what happens.

What did I find at the $1 store other than my cheap scrubbing powder, liquid soup, spongy webbed mat (to keep my sewing machine pedal from slipping on the kitchen floor) and dense Mexicano croissants?

The Power Puff Girls!!!!!

ppgfrontThe Complete First Season!


This kicks total ass! Cue dramatic PPG music!

Craig McCracken is an Aries like me! I checked out some info on the PPG creator and it makes perfect sense.

ppg4dvdeyesHow neat is this case? The DVDs are Blossom’s eyes.


One Response to “Best Bargains in Redding”

  1. What a deal! Cake looks so good 😛

    I suppose you have a working record player as well, lucky 🙂

    High 5 on the PPG DVD set, deal hound 🙂

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