Dreamy Dragon Days

Since I am in the last two days of a lovely 11 day break from work I am using my time to do all my favorite things.

machineOf course you know I’m still working on the dragons. They are getting the biggest chunk of each day.

I’ve made progress and I hope to have them nearly finished by Friday afternoon.

dragonsinbagfirstdragonflatheadsThere are dragon parts filling my kitchen. They will be so cute to see all lined up together.

spikesscaleshandslegsHalf the spaces in the house are work areas.

The kitchen table is being used partially for sewing and plushy construction.

table I’m living in my own little happy factory.

I love making cute things that make other people smile.

It’s a curative for having to write about death, destruction and ill-willed happenings.

I find the scraps of my work just as interesting as the bigger parts.

cutoutsjesspigThese green dots are cutouts from the dragon paws. I had to make a hole into which to stick the legs.

That pretty girl is daughter Jess at sweet 16. Next to her is a cute little pig and you can see Crusty the Clown’s left arm.

Beside the color and the sensual pleasure of the light bouncing off the surfaces of all the things I see everyday, it’s the the little things that keep me going.

Homemade cranberry fudge and hot coffee with a little whip cream on top. Yes, it’s rich. Possibly forbidden but what the heck.fudge



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