Life Gives You Lemons

lemoninstudioAt the health food store, Thursday, my goal was to purchase some dry cat food.

After grabbing the large purple bag adorned with stars and moons, very new-age, I walked up the produce aisle to pick up some wheat grass, also for the cat.

There I saw a shopping cart full of the most beautiful lemons I have ever seen.


Lemons may be sour but aren’t their blossoms the sweetest? The oil of their skin smells so fresh.

That basket of rich yellow lemons evoked memories of rows and rows of citrus trees in the bright southern sun. The blossoms, nestled among the deep green leaves are the perfume of my childhood.


2 Responses to “Life Gives You Lemons”

  1. mmm wheat grass, I heard that gives you explosive energy

  2. The cat usually throws it up before he gets explosive. Cheap kitty thrills, I guess.

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