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Lists and Miraculous Changes

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It is a time in my creative life when I am keeping lists. I have a lot to get to and I must keep my flow going.


It was inauguration day and I watched with delight. We had the TVs on MSNBC all day.

Every part of watching people joyfully gather to celebrate the official arrival of their new first family was life-affirming. Obama! Obama! Obama!

I spent hours cutting out dragon parts while looking in on the proceedings, the refreshingly earnest pagentry.

 Today as President Obama signed into law his fist bill, a salary freeze starting at the top, I was moved to tears to think that all the things that we know deep down in our hearts need to be addressed probably will be.

It took a whole day to get dragon parts ready for sewing.














I spent the later part of the day putting files onto data disks. I purchased Windows XP for the “new” refurbished Tiger Direct computer that was F’ed Up from the start. I’d like to be able to buy music downloads so I must update.


Still, this here Compaq is the work horse we’re on, and so I bravely and cautiously ran the JV16 Power Tools registry cleaner on it.

It seems to have made a world of difference.

You may recall my having complained in weeks past about its slowness. It was loaded with old programs and files that bogged it down. I managed to choose those I knew were defunct and so far so good.

In the past few days we had numerous circuit breaker overloads. Unfortunately the wall plug the computer is using is on the kitchen circuit.

When the simultaneous microslave, television, fairy lights, electric stove usage trips the switch, there goes the computer, too.

I don’t think it was too good for this old computer to repeatedly have the electrical rug pulled out from beneath it.

By the time I downloaded the power tools it was limping in the weeds.


Jan. 21

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Here we have a new start.

Let’s hope we see an end to negative speculation.

Let’s hope we see a new spirit of earnestness, application, acceptance, charity and LOVE.

Let rudeness, self-absorbtion, sarcasm and condescension fade.

Let’s believe we can change the world and not lose faith if it takes longer than we expected.

Custom Dragon Done

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albiafullfrontDoesn’t he just make you want to give him a hug?

Working steadily over the past two weeks I have managed to finish the Albi the Racist Dragon. If I just didn’t have to go to my real job four days a week I could devote myself to making plushy critters all the time.

I dream.

If you recall, Albi is a character in a cartoon on The Flight of the Conchords TV show.



As you can see from watching the video clip, Albi, is redeemed from his initial racist status, so it’s cool.

I finished sewing him yesterday and today I added his spots and chest ridge patches.

Quick Nellie McKay Bump

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I’m driving to work, listening to Garrison Keillor’s show when all of a sudden I’m hit square between the eyes by a real force of nature. A rowdy girl singing a rowdy song about refusing to behave, about being rowdy, uppity, determined to be herself — something about “identity theft” — I’m waiting to hear the name of this gal and then “Nellie McKay” (pronounced McEye).

I’m a sucker for that over the top, in-your-face,  Ethel Merman meets Iggy Pop energy. Yes, she’s an Aries.

She also did an amazing version of Ella Fitzgerald’s “A Tisket A Tasket”:

With all the verve Ella would make you expect.

She’s a singer, an actress and a comedian.

Watchout, Nellie McKay is a rebel:

Magical Thinking

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gnomewbroken-potbThings have been going along just fine with this old computer but deep down I’m impatient and reason tells me that a meltdown could be near.

If I was a rational thinker with less imagination I would have solved my slow computer problem weeks ago but I’ve got a whole barn full of fancy that dazzles me on a daily basis.

My “new” computer, puchased from Tiger Direct back in February, was troubled from the beginning. I believe the root of the problem was a tainted operating system.

Sidebar: The tv journos are using that word too often these days and all I can think of is an old school Daily Show exposition on “taint” as a section of male physiognomy. Thanks alot guys. I blame Stephen Colbert! XXX

Sometime in the fall the Tiger Direct “new” computer took a short vacation to be repaired but it was a wipeout, literally. The hard drive was wiped clean and the old OS disc would not work.

Because of my smoothly scrambled magical thinking, where-in I imagine a whole host of possibilities, I put off dealing with the possibility of its resurrection.

In the last few weeks as I work diligently on my Etsy custom orders I was reminded what a pleasure and necessity it is to have a fast functional computer. I checked out new computers and eventually thought, well, if my old one has been wiped clean why can I not just buy a new operating system and start over?

After speaking to a young dude on the Best Buy Geek Squad about the feasibility of this plan I purchased Windows XP home from Amazon yesterday and await it’s arrival.

The reading I’ve begun will continue. I want to know more about computers so I don’t have to constantly be plagued by uncertainty.

If anybody knows of any obvious reason why my operating system replacement fix may back fire please let me know!

I am a babe wandering helplessly in the tech woods.

A Gentler Way

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On the job today I went to a possible 11-44. Someone reported a man down near some bushes adjacent to a drug store. The reporting party thought the man might be dead.

I arrived not really wanting to see the dead guy.  A group of firefighters stood in a semi-circle around the body. There was nothing they could do.

I got the rundown from the police officer and headed back to the office. As I drove away the firefighters and the police officer stood looking at the dead man. They were keeping watch over him. Not talking. I took a look as I drove past. A short man with dark black hair neatly dressed in a warm flannel shirt and jeans sat slumped over a bag or a backpack. Beside him was an empty bottle of mouthwash.

That’s what he chose for his last drink. It was deadly.

I guess when we grow older, if we grow older, we bear in mind an accumulation of experiences and associations. We form opinions, negative or positive,  about things based on our past.

When I was young I did my share of drinking. Over the years the negative associations with alcohol multiplied to the point where now, when I walk down a liquor aisle in the grocery store I can hear the ghosts, the potential car crashes, bodies being maimed, lives being damaged, families being torn apart.

It seems like a major mistake to have alcohol use be so accepted a part of our culture but  people will always find some way to alter their consciousness. William James wrote about it’s being something we crave, but there are surely gentler ways.

Left Hemisphere Dragon Day

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Dragons will be the order of the day in my busy, busy workshop.

When it came time to go off to my job at the news factory last Friday it felt like a punishment. I had to leave the dragons and the monster squid behind and try to hit the ignition on my left brain skills.

giantcustomblacksquidI have Gemini Rising. I have been split since I came out of the womb.

I’m always invested in at least two pursuits at once. I’ve grown accustomed to the schiziness of my life.

This black squidopus is a heavy duty version of my fleece catnip squid made special order for a cat name Neko in Bloomington, Indiana. I love experimenting and I am finding I love to work with people to try to bring their vision into a 3-D reality.

Neko’s companion known as “Irisclara” suggested the heavy canvas material and the lining of the tentacles with red. It came out very well.

Neko paid in advance for the big ol’ squid and the dragons will be constructed, examined and then purchased if they suit the potential purchaser. I wanted to do it that way just in case I encountered any problems in putting them together.

With my success in bringing things from my imagination into existence in the world of time and space I have had to face the fact that I am a visually-oriented person. I think I am a right brained person.

Maybe I’m a good balance of both except for the math.

Here are description of functions from the Herald Sun, an australian paper:

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

uses feeling
“big picture” oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking