Loving Hard Times

Slumdog Millionare is a good movie. It is part romance with a big dose of socioeconomic reality.  Americans  can use a little sobering in that direction as we fall toward hard times.

I once had a pin-on badge or button while attending university in New Mexico that read “poverty is violence.” you’ll see that made clear in Slumdog Millionare.

A bonus to this harsh yet beautiful film is a scorching soundtrack. You don’t really get much of an idea from the trailer.

Here’s what Kurt Loder said:

Kurt Loder, MTV.COM
“The propulsive score, by Bollywood soundtrack auteur A. R. Rahman, is hip-hop fusion of a very up-to-date kind.”

I love the sounds of Indian music and I love rhythmic power. This soundtrack has both. I was, despite the at times sad context of the film, dancing in my seat at the comfy Prime 11 Cinemas.

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