Lux Interior

Just heard that the sleazy and magnificent Lux Interior, head man from one of my favorite bands, the Cramps, died Wednesday of heart trouble.

This beautiful photo, by Rocky Schenck, is from this Cramps site.

Wednesday, unaware of his departure from planet earth, I scribbled his name onto my list of faces to paint. It’s been a desire for a long time to do a portrait of Lux and Poison Ivy Rorschach, too.

Bless you, PI. May you always feel his hand on your shoulder.

Here is a blog I stumbled onto while searching for Lux stuff.

Jeff Simmermon’s And I Am Not Lying, For Real.

There is a great picture of Lux in action and a very cool story he wrote in early 2006. It’s the sixth post down on the page. Good work, Jeff.

In this blog, LilMissLuzifer, there are a pair of cloth dolls of Lux and Ivy.

I think one of the best things about the DIY punk-aesthetic, an infection that spread over the land like sloppy viral gravy back in the late 70s, was the notion that things don’t have to be perfect.

You could take up the instruments, the tools, and you could express yourself. Everything was valid. It spread to art. It lives on in the blogosphere.

What’s more valuable — empty, measured perfection or swampy fertile, irrepressible passion?  One is definitely more stimulating. The later can be scary, threatening and unsuitable for those who really, really like boundaries, specific definitions and pre-digested content.

A little incendiary intent can be a good thing in art. Cramps Rule.


2 Responses to “Lux Interior”

  1. Have you seen the mental institute show from 1978?
    It’s out on dvd now.

  2. What a mind-blowing revelation the Cramps were for me as a teenager in 1980s suburbia! A Date With Elvis is my favorite album cover ever.

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