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Spam TV Dinner in America

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bestspamwsoarFrank called my attention to these lovely images yesterday while watching MSNBC.

Sing along, Monty Python fans!

Television is such a strange, lopsided medium. With all the fabulous things we occassionally gat to see there is a preponderance of negativity.

spamjoblossI know this isn’t news but I have also begun to see (thanks, Daily Show) an enormous amount of borrowing among the 24-hour news channel talking heads.

I don’t suppose it can really be called laziness because there is little time to research an item throughly if the ultimate goal is to keep talking all the time.

The buzzword of the day is a sort of shorthand that allows the broadcast host to key into the story. It’s inherently limiting. More penetrating analysis is left to the experts while the buzzword takes on a life of its own. johnnysspamaramabest

Failure and the obtuse suffering of ignorance are recurring themes in TV land in post-turn-of-the-century America.

The sloppy longing for physical perfection and money seem to obsess the viewer. Don’t we need to get over our 1980s selves?

Horror, fear, conflict, crime and the crime-related scientific gross-out are often the meat, or shall we say the Spam, of TV entertainment.

And then there are the commercials. Don’t get me started. How sick do we have to be to satisfy the drug manufacturers. Their commercials encourage us to question our wholeness. Could we really use one more drug in our busy lives?

I know some good people have earned their living plying the ad trade but I lay the responsibility for a lot of negative brainwashing at the feet of ad men (and Disney and the cinematically beloved Frank Capra).

It kinda scares me that we (TV viewers, Madmen fans) want to go back to a time when hemmed -in, pickled, cigarette-puffing, sexist monkey gods screwed with the American soul.

Of course Madmen has one redeeming value — the mindboggling Christina Hendricks. What a dame!

She is doing a great job of dealing with the gifts that the gods of pulchritude gave her.

She’s a brick house, a beautiful and solid Taurus, and as you know I love everything Taurus.

Who caught her in Firefly as the hustling, inherited bride of  Capt. Mal?

What? You’ve never seen  episodes of one of the best TV shows ever made? It’s Joss Whedon! Get thee to Amazon and despite the economic ill-times buy this series. There is only one season. Your $30 will give you many hours of great joy and as long as we still have electricity it’s the smart move.

Like Freaks and Geeks, it was a short-lived under-appreciated stroke of TV genius.

Here is a radical take on advertising from brother Bill Hicks.  Warning: the following youtube clip of Hicks has lots of harsh language.

I hear you brother, Bill.