Happy Cats

Oh, joy! Another satisfied customer.

happysquidrecipientThese happy felines live with the proprietor of the Etsy shop AFMetalsmith .


kittyonpaperThis is why I enjoy every minute of putting together the catnip squid kitty toys.

You can  see  new pictures of my granny’s cat Sam rolling with his squid. They are posted on my catnip squid listing over at Etsy.

I love making things that will be used. With each stitch I imagine the cat on the other end and the good times they will experience. Cheap thrills, yes, but don’t we all deserve them from time to time?

I wonder if these kitties will happily share the squid. If not, the paper can be quite compelling.

The lady at AFMetalsmith does her work in Central Massachusetts and it is fine work .

I love the Celtic designs. Heck, I love lots of it. Here are a few of my faves:

Two heart themed-pieces.

Red and orange stones are my favorite.

There are many great designs rendered with a sure hand.


One Response to “Happy Cats”

  1. Awww nothing like satisfied customer pic’s, so cute 🙂

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