Female Parts

After being called on the absence, in my Etsy shop, of the glorious woman’s equivalent to my plushy phallus, I will spend the morning sculpting a vagina from soft fleece and stuffing.

Please return to my blog to see the amazing results. I’ll be stoked to put in each stitch, pulling a life-like creation from sweet pink, lavender and maroon cloth.

I’m working on adding a richness of color to the phallus and, so too, the future vaginas. More mocha, browns and dark beige shades the next time I go to JoAnne’s.

No more vagina fear. No more vajayjay (silly, Oprah).

We could launch large cuddly vaginas into the marketplace. You could see them routinely tossed on the beds of smart young girls. Small genitals might dangle from the backpacks of a million junior high students. Labia Libre!

Let’s love our parts. Out of the skirts and trousers and into the streets.


3 Responses to “Female Parts”

  1. hahahahahahahaha.

  2. I have a friend who does some very suggestive soft sculpture. Not quite human tho’, sort of animal-human mixed. Very compelling stuff. She’s sort of moved in to a different direction in recent years, which is too bad because I thought she still had a lot to say. I’ll have to write a blog post about her art some time…I have a few pieces.

  3. chuck b.
    that work sounds fascinating. Please do write a blog post.
    And thank you so much for all your wonderful comments here. You made my daay, yaay!

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