I Heart Clams

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers.

As promised, I am bringing you the results of the j-house call for equal representation in mature plushies.

What better day than this, set aside for lovers in the name of  St. Valentine.

Frank tells me that real story of St. Valentine could harsh one’s buzz in a major way.

I guess he married Christian couples against the will of the lands ruler and ended up with one less head. Here is one  Missouri woman’s version.

But biology rules and physiognomy drools.

Here it is! A close up of my latest soft sculpture:

vaginacl1I got a little carried away with some parts. Artistic license, y’all.

I prefer the close up shot because the full shot resembles a vagina in a catcher’s mit.

I’ll have to work on the outer shaping next time.

It’s a weird little pillow. Not the perfect gift for your boy?

I’m sure there are plenty of  dudes capable of enthusiastically and tenderly embracing the ruby fruit. Why should lesbians have all the fun?

Maybe the catcher’s mitt element will make it a more guy-friendly thing.

“Hey, honey while you’re thinking of baseball why not think of my delicate and beautifully designed “lady parts.”


Unenlightened man runs screaming from the room.


2 Responses to “I Heart Clams”

  1. I love this 🙂 The evolution of your plush, first toys for your pussy, now this 🙂 So does the set fit together like puzzle?

  2. Ah, that could be my next project. He he.

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