Fatty Fatty Kitty Catty

klimtwbeadsI have set up mini work stations in three different rooms in this house.

Yesterday, I had to redo the laundry room to free up plastic crates for use in the breakfast nook area of the kitchen.

The vag soft sculpture was finished and I found myself working on new plush critters.

Surrounded by fleece in a room primarily used for the preparation of  food and drink I realized I had to get organized. I’ve learned not to hesitate once I start imagining the potential damage. In my mind’s eye I saw cups of hot tea and coffee pouring over fresh pink fleece, tapioca pudding being slopped over the surface of the dark black fleece. I had to act.

I eliminated an extra chair to make room in the nook then had to shuffle my supply of packing materials in the laundry room to accommodate the chair and still have room for the stationary bike.

Between a nearly empty cabinet over the water heater and the laundry room closet I found space for all the things that used to sit in the crates collecting dust.

kitchenstudioblurIn this kitchen space I can watch/listen to MSNBC or play my old and moldy collection of music tapes.

That little music box there beside the television was a Discovery Shop find. It works great.

For $10 I got double cassette players one that records and CD, too.

Right now, in the front room studio space I am listening to Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme doing Eagles of Death MetalHeart On:

eaglesodeathmetalJosh Homme is a musical genius. If you have never heard the Queens of the Stone Age go buy Lullabies to Paralyze.

kittycattyonsewonmachineJesse Hughes is the jack rabbit to Homme’s massive, tender  rhythm-ready bull.

There are plants in the kitchen studio space and nice light on a sunny day.

These pictures were taken very early this dark, rainy morning, hence the slight blur.

windowwallIt’s a little clostro but I’m working it, baby!

I finally cut out the pieces for Fatty, Fatty, Kitty Catty. He’s my latest plushy creature, inspired by granny’s fine big cat Sam.

After I did the overhaul I started to make catty happen.

fattyfattykittycattySewing the face elements was very relaxing and fun. I think I’ll put some little pink centers in the ears.

Here he is unstuffed, tailess, just two pieces ready for the next step.

He’s about 12 inches long and 8 inches wide.

I’m going to try one in pink and black, too.


ggbridgeoctosquidMy creative projects have spread throughout the house. I’m even using the kitchen window ledge for pin cushions and the threads I’m using on a given day.

The lint roller, adjacent to the picture of my daughter, Jessica, and her beau, Colby, is essential for cleaning up the final product.

So many tiny things everywhere.

More Catty parts waiting to be assembled.

I’m just trying to send light out into the world.

More pictures:


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