Squids to Ohio, Homo-loving Commies

Darcyarts got an invite to  contribute items to a bricks and mortar DIY craft shop in Columbus, Ohio last week.

After checking Wholly Craft out online the shop seems to be a solid crafters hub in a thriving community.

The business elements are upfront and secure: contracts, regular payment and updates on how the items are doing.

I ‘m not too crazy about the thought of sending things off that will then wait to be sold (consignment). Giving up a percentage irks the cheap-skate in me as does raising prices to partially compensate. But being part of a community is inviting and participating in an enterprise that empowers crafty women  is good.

I’ll start low and slow and see how it goes.

I was super stoked last night that Sean Penn won the Academy Award for his portrayal of Harvey Milk. I loved his chastising those who voted to pass Prop. 8, giving positive energy to the future of equal rights SOON.

The divinely cute Dustin Lance Black won the award for original screenplay for writing Milk. That is as it should be. Here is a post win interview with a picture.

Here is a link to a site with videos of both acceptance speeches.


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