Why Angelina?

She’s sexy if you think that sex appeal = tits and lips. But what about her mind? She was an alienated teenage girl who cut herself for some kind of relief from what? A famous father?

I viewed Changeling the week before the Academy Awards.

I didn’t like the film at all. I thought Angelina’s acting was just ridiculous. Willowy victim. Hand over the big bright red lips, arms crossed over the big low breasts, symbolic of her invisibility? Or is she just trying to add some credibility to her role as a victim by removing those distractions?

Critics have pointed out that she stands out against rather than blends in with the bland, purposely washed out monochromatic backgrounds.

It seems like a one woman show where all the other actors are props or melodramatic villains. I thought the writing was hackneyed. Cartoonishly drawn binary oppositions.

The problem I have with Jolie is that her emoting does not seem authentic. We don’t feel that deep motherly connection. We don’t seem any real-life interaction with her son other than her giving him an old-timey box  of cereal which he prepares for himself while mom gets all dressed up for her job at the phone company and leaves him on his own.

The opening scene is Angelina waking up in the morning turning on the relatively small bedside radio on.

This struck me as sort of an anachronism. The idea of portable radios hadn’t yet come along. Radios were big old pieces of furniture. The smallest table top models were bigger than a breadbox. Somehow I don’t think there were music broadcasts at 7 a.m. in the morning. CBS had been on the air for two years in 1928 and it’s programming did not begin until the afternoon.

Though the set design and hats were nice Jolie’s face and persona just overwhelm and defy the attempt to cast an early 20th century spell on the viewer.

Check the reviews at rottentomatoes where the film earned only a 61 percent positive rating on the tomato meter. I love that site.

Why does everyone think Angelina Jolie is so beautiful and dreamy. She seems self-absorbed and twisted to me. Did you notice that she and Brad weren’t holding hands at the Academy Awards?


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