Poe the Goth

juxtaposeanimalsonheadgirlsI like this image.

While working madly at sewing and organizing various parts of the plush cavalcade of cuties I occasionally must take a break.

My old back is spazing out far to often. I know I need to lay on the floor and do yoga regularly.

I’ve added the l’argenine and taurine and minerals to my diet again after checking the internets and reading about possible causes.

Luckily my recurrent back ills are not the topic of today’s post.

I’m on about Edgar Allen Poe. I’ve made a neck charm from the new stamp.

poeaThe slight imperfections in the glass drop adds an antique look.

It looks like a poetic specimen under glass. I found the satin ribbon at The Attic on Wednesday.

I’ll try a purple ribbon on the next one. Maybe lavender.


3 Responses to “Poe the Goth”

  1. Hi… i posted a copy of this necklace with a link to your etsy site on my blog. hope that’s okay.

  2. How did you attach the stamp the glass on the Poe necklace?

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