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Sleepy House

Posted in Art, cute with tags , , on March 30, 2009 by darcyarts

I watch the PowerPuff Girls. I love them and I love the layouts and color schemes of Craig McCracken.

A night time landscape of the PPG home has been haunting me, with it’s red trees against a black night sky, I was driven to create something akin to it. The PPG home is uber modern 50s style architecture.

The red trees against the black, the red trees at night. Red trees?

sleepyhouseI decided to try a stitched night time scene of my own.

I made a little white house (not mod) that looks pretty sleepy.

Pink smoke is coming from the chimney.There are tiny gold stars in the dark sky.

I’m about halfway through this project.

I’ll sew a black backside to it with some batting sandwiched between the pieces.

Someday there will be a story to tell about the sleepy little house in the red tree forest.

Toy Photos 2

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elephantdandelionrightlopixYesterday’s warm sun in the late morning was very nice for the second toy photo shoot.

This little elephant seems to be enjoying a dandelion.

The yellow petals are fresh and vibrant.

The little pink pig is very photogenic, too.

piggydandelionclI got a little bit of shadow in this one.

When my kids were young I loved buying toys. When they grew up I just admitted to myself that I love the toys, too.

Now I’m saving them for the grandchildren I hope to meet in a few years.

piggydandelionmedlopixI think this one is the cutest image from the photo shoot.

Piggy and Dandelion is up over at DarcyArts.Etsy.

Wouldn’t a print make a great baby shower gift. Welcome to the world little baby!

The piggy looks like he’s waving.

img_7129After a tough 15 minute session in the sun these guys have a break in the shade.

Cute Trumps Clarity

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elephantDecided to try a photo shoot with cute toys and figures in addition to the gnome.

This first session was bad, blurry but we have to catch the dandelions while they are in bloom, don’t we?

I’ll try again. The sun seems to be here to stay.

Elephant is not so bad.

Little Pig is pretty blurry but tremendously cute. Cute rocks and sometimes trumps clarity.

blurpigI’ve imagined taking my cute friends on a photo tour. I’ve taken Gnome to Home Depot with nice results.

I just need to pack them in a little travel case and have them with me all the time when I’m out.

I need to hit the river trail. It’s Spring!

Speaking of light-hearted. Oh, wasn’t I? This week’s 30 Rock hit me where I live with its portrayals of various character’s points of view. Jack, the page, sees a Sesame Street world. I can relate.

Coming Along

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Angus is coming along.


It’s day three of working on him.

The work was interrupted by a dragon order.


That little guy is popular. This dragon went to Austin. Is SXSW still going on?

Those white squiggles at the end of Angus’ tendrils are tight spaces I have to get into with a small brush and a steady hand. I should have painted the black coat before I painted the hair.

I’m doing the red guitar, the sweet Gibson SG today. I love Gibsons, too.

I sold my little thrift shop deers. Found them Tuesday. Sold them late Wednesday.


Would have made a nice little profit but for the fact  the buyer lives in Belgium. I seriously undercharged for shipping. Oh, well.

She should be happy with them. They were sweet.

Frank and I watched a documentary about Paul Klee last night. He lead a strange life, dedicated to art but in that kind of hyper-analytical way. He was a strange mix of impulses.

Tonight we might get to Chris and Don. Heard about this docu on Fresh Air. I love documentaries.

This is a sweet life. Everybody I love you.

Folk Art

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angusunfinishedThis morning Frank shared a portion of the Art History book he’s been reading.

The writer was speaking of painters prior to the Renaissance facing a more difficult task than sculptors because there was so little Greek and Roman 2D art surviving.

This seemed a very elitist P.O.V. It seemed to assume that all artists were educated and would have been well versed in history. It came from the belief that Art is the province of academe.

I wondered about the the people that were creating other things, things that might now be classified as folk art.

I believe the urge to make things for decorative purposes or for self -expression has always existed. Of course it does require a certain amount of free time and that is a result of a certain degree of economic balance in a particular culture.

If, to provide your daily bread, you must toil until your head hits the pillow or lump of hay,  you may not have the energy to get at Art for Art’s Sake. Still, I believe that some folks did in all places at all times.

Even those that were enslaved could find some small way to scratch out something akin to art.

It wouldn’t have been looked upon or classified as art. It would have been born of the daily work one did. It would have come out in the materials at hand. A person prone to dreamy, imaginative flights of mind might have, once upon a time,  used those materials in an unusual way.  That use, might have been relatively purposeless and in that, subversive.

I would love to read a long history of folk art, folk creations. Imagine the research, traveling all over the world to try to find that point where work leached into art. Searching places  for proof of moments in which the worm turned.

I don’t believe this would be an easy task. You would have to have a lifetime.

Joseph Campbell did this kind of research in a slightly different vein.

The Antiques Roadshow skips around this territory, too.It is always fascinating to see

Folk Art Societies exist.

It’s probably a safe bet that much of the evidence had gone to dust or maybe it’s buried in someone’s barn.

If one  were capable of really good research one might be able to write an account of a fictional search for these elusive traces of the creative urge.

Handmade Wishes

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fullwide1Jolly Squidopus with red licorice will start the morning for me.

Doesn’t he look a bit like a deer caught in the headlights?

After I sewed the fancy little squid for Wholly Craft I wanted to make a batch for the DarcyArts shop.

I love using my fleece scraps to make their head gear. Some of the adornments look like anemones.


This pink Squid loves candy, too.

I love the pink taffy in the yellow bowl.


I am definitely in a pink phase.

I’m also in a Facebook phase. My dear friend Patti Ramelli invited me and a whole slew of old friend. It’s a riot of cyber socialization.

It’s fitting that an Aquarius gal pulled us in.

Seen Cute?

Posted in nature with tags , , on March 21, 2009 by darcyarts

If you thought you’d seen cute lately take a quick cyber trip to Bella Vista Farms.

Over at A News Cafe, Doni Greenberg has a wonderful story with visuals by hubby, Bruce, about Chic and Bob Miller and their large assortment of adopted farm animals.

You can sign up to donate funds to help the Miller’s care for goats, cows, sheep, burros, dogs, cats, pigs, llamas, chickens and ducks.

Want to see something that brings tears of joy to my eyes?