Nick Drake’s Mom

A Skin Too Few is a nice little film, a short poem about Nick Drake.

Drake, never having been filmed, living such a short life, the movie is made mostly of beautiful landscapes, and interiors shot in the wonderful home in which he was raised.

Early in the film the camera moves through Drake’s bedroom, toward a window. A turntable sits on a dresser.

A copy of Tim Buckley’s Happy Sad leans nearby against the wall.

His surviving sibling, Gabrielle, recalls their childhood.

Drake’s parents were creative and wealthy. Molly Drake, Nick’s mother was ethereal, beautiful and I was shocked to find out, a song writer.

Molly’s daughter, Gabrielle, plays a cassette tape of one of her mother songs. It’s melody is melancholy, evocative, enchanting. Gabrielle said she hears a similarity in Molly’s and Nick’s compositional approaches.

Molly’s song sounds reminds me of Nature Boy. I listened to Victoria Williams’ version of that dreamy song yesterday as I worked on the monkey.

Read about the alterna life-style of Eden Ahbez, composer of Nature Boy here. Or at the cool site Weird Universe.

You can add A Skin Too Few to your netflix list though it hasn’t yet been released.

My prototype monkey is coming along.

monkeypartsaI have to complete his face and make his ears, a hat and a messenger bag, and he’ll be ready for his photo shoot.

The mouth hasn’t yet been sewn on in this picture.

Though I knew something was missing. I didn’t realize until I took this photo that I had forgotten the ears!

I’m excited to make my first messenger bag, even if it’s on a small scale. I love the design and will, in the future make larger bags.

I found the kind of fasteners I was looking for at

Whoo hoo!

Checking in to Etsy last night I found that I had sold a handmade silkscreened patch of Iggy Pop. It had languished in my shop for over a year.

iggysilkscreenshotI had learned to make simple silk screens from curtain material and an embroidery hoop. This image I sketched on, the mod podged, came out really nicely.

iggypatchhoodieOther good news came from a woman who asked if I might do a print of Johnny Ramone.

She had checked out my Bodhi Elliott and wrote this:

Good Evening!
I LOVE your artwork – it is so exciting and original! It’s nice to see art that isn’t trying to be like other art. Unique and REAL.
Would you consider creating a Johnny Ramone print?

I was touched and excited that  one more person out there dug my portraits.

This morning she added a request for her daughter to have a portrait of Angus Young!!!!!! I love Angus.

Buy this photo from this site.

I’ll work on the Angus and the Johnny Ramone as soon as I finish the monkeys and get the Wholly Craft squids off to Ohio.


4 Responses to “Nick Drake’s Mom”

  1. Holy crap in a pita that DIY screen printing is the bomb 🙂

  2. Yeah that screen RULES! How about a Joey Ramone doll?

  3. Moises,
    Joey is my all time fave. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I’ve had a really big project cooking for years. I’ll make a bunch of my fave rockers as soft sculpture dolls. I’m sending you a post card with the name I’ve had for them all this time. I’m not saying out loud but you might guess.
    He he.

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