Good Gray Day

This morning the sun is shining. The air is crisp.

Monday’s  trip to the Churn Creek Road post office was made on a gray day.

Here is what stopped me before I got to the door:

triowhiteflowergraypoGray and white with the tiniest hint of magenta in the center.

Another bud, midway through unfurling its petals had a lovely green   in the center. It looks more like a Gardenia, like it accidentally bloomed on the wrong plant.

All I wanted was to capture a little of the glory.

whitebudcl It hardly seemd that the photos would turn out.

The light was low. I snapped a couple more on the way out as the sun came out momentarily from behind a cloud bank.

The gray gravel is so bland but looking at them now I kind of like the minimalist thing.

triowwindowYesterday, with the moon in Taurus, frustration overtook me. I’ve decided, in future, to watch TV and eat when the moon drifts through that earth sign. It always makes me feel plodding and thick.

Today the moon must be nearly in Gemini. I’ll check the ephemeris later.

Astrology is a language I have been speaking all my life. There weren’t many books in my grandparents’ home but there were pop astrology magazines, movie magazines and my great grandma’s pop esoteric  religious books like The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

Marie Conner Blacker was a cool gal. A Taurus.

She’d suffered in love and was uber soulful. She was, no doubt, one of the early sources of the bent toward the rebellious in our family. An Illinois girl who found her way to the big city, Chicago and probably indulged in the radical things blossoming in the 1920s.

She loved Edna St. Vincent Millay. She loved Mahalia Jackson. I see them both in her.

Okay. This post has been interrupted by strange phenomena.  I was rolling along trying to add a photo that I had used here before. In my attempt to copy it from the media library here at DarcyArts the copy came out very large. That’s why the photo is cut in half.

Am I the only one who sees that slight red tinge in this black and white photo? Anybody see the face?

The whole original photo is here.

On close examination this “face” looks like Frank or Osama Bin Laden, bothof them Taurus, too. I love Taurus. So stubbornly insistent.


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