In the Middle of It

The working carousel is full and spinning.

This week I have to put together a second monkey, build its accessories, gesso boards for the Johnny Ramone and Angus Young paintings, sketch their faces and begin to paint.

I haven’t painted in months. It will be ultra cool. Maybe I’ll do Arthur Lee, too. He’s ready for the brush.

I sent off a box of squid to Wholly Craft in Columbus.

It’s exciting, challenging and I feel I am ever increasing a wondrous web of connections to a world where people groove on creativity.

I am listening to Heartless Bastards, a band I heard about on NPR’s Fresh Air. They, too are an Ohio concern. They have a woman writer- singer, Erika Wennerstrom. I like their simple songs. Sometimes they really rock and the message is tantamount to whistle while you work.

The story is about being loosed on the world, out playing music in a strange world but one that is full of calmly benevolent possibility.

Wennerstrom’s voice is androgynous.

It doesn’t have any annoying mannerisms. I think I like the music. I’ll do more listening. There is an acoustic performance on the Ryan’s Smashing Life blog.

Big Love watchers, doesn’t Erika look like the departed Anna?

Of course there are good sounds a lot closer to home.

While watching the Nick Drake film A Skin Too Few, the one I spoke of in a blog post last week, I thought how strange it would be if my singing songwriting daughter was the reincarnation of the long-legged boy singer.

Especially when Nick’s sister and others spoke of his unique finger-picking style, so right on the money every time. Jessica is a very good guitar player.

Since I am her mother, it is sometimes hard to listen to her voice. I miss her very much and hearing her makes that ache even worse.

Listen to the enchanting, Miss Jessica Pratt here.

I recommend doing so.


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