Casserole and Wonderbread

Overcome by a suburban nostalgia I pledged to start making a series of casseroles.

This is nothing I had ever longed to do. Casseroles have, in my haunted mind, the taint of some 50s product research and development scheme aimed at brainwashing simpleton housewives.

“Campbell’s soup brings you delicious easy meals your family will love.”

Yet, Wednesday, after a hard day of monkey wrangling, I popped the top of a can of Cream of Mushroom soup, mixed it with onions, peas, tuna, tiny shell pasta and a little fresh garlic (dang, there goes the blanding). I put the schlocky ingredients into a baking dish and at the suggestion of Mr. Frank Miller put tiny croutons on top.

casserole1aThe last element was an authentic ingredient from his mother’s casseroles. Sweet memories of childhood would soon mingle with the aroma of homey goodness.

Bread crumb things, well, actually stuffing mix, would top this retro- project. I diligently smashed them into tiny bits before realizing they contained MSG! Ewww.

Instead of the stuffing we used a couple of pieces of some really great bread I nabbed at Orchard Nutrition Center. The loaf was loaded with garlic and fresh basil.

I miscalculated this last week and used it to make an avocado sandwich for my 94-year-old granny. She spent most of lunch time trying to pick the suspicious “black things” from her meal.

“It’s basil. It’s an herb. It’s good for you.”

Bring back the transparency of Wonderbread.

*retrophoto by apron queen at flickr.


One Response to “Casserole and Wonderbread”

  1. Great Fun.. I am going to go to the art store and get a paint by numbers set to keep hands busy and mind calm..Fabu work..

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