Unicorn and New Baby Veggies

It’s seven a.m. daylight saving time. The sun is just beginning to creep up over the eastern horizon. When the light comes I will be planting 2009’s veggies.

earlygirlsLast season the little roots crept down into the rich soil and out the drain holes on quite a few of the plants. The big round containers also left a color difference on the concrete.

Laying a few boards beneath the tubs may help. I am planning on cutting boards from an old, poorly constructed shelf I scavenged outside a grocery store.

spinachEarly Girl tomatoes, spinach, Italian lettuce, cherry tomatoes and lots of catnip will be the beginning.

It seems early to start. I am totally ignorant of gardening rules for the area.

I figure the newbie plants will be in a bucket and we have heavy plastic to wrap them with if we get a cold snap.


The catnip is already in a bucket. I bought four containers imagining a plethora of homegrown catnip with which to stuff my catnip squid.

catnipI was near the kitchen window a few days back when I heard a dull clunk on the patio. I looked out the window to see a narly orange tomcat wrestling the container with his mouthful of catnip.

Boo! I chased him away and decided that even though the moon was in Virgo, the least encouraging astro-sign for fertility, I must get them in the big pot. Frank suggested we put some chicken wire around the rim. The catnip is now cat-proofed, we hope.

One of the many squirrels came by the next day. All in a squirrel dither, he searched through an empty container looking for a buried peanut. Nothing.

I’d combed through the soil last week and tossed their goodies into the yard. Does this mean I should put chicken wire around all the potted plants? We have raccoons and probably other critters stroll through the yard on their way down to the river.

Nothing much was disturbed last year but we didn’t have tender lettuce and spinach.

I’m a dreamer but dreams can be made real, to some extent, with hard work and a pure heart. Despite my lack of know-how I’m confident things will go smoothly.

Check out this rad unicorn picture I found at the Discovery Shop.

unicorna1 It was in the children’s section.

I was going to list it in my Etsy shop but, dang, if  it isn’t growing on me.

I’ve never been a big unicorn person but this picture is so perfectly fantastic. It seems a sweet image of childlike imagination and hope.

I think I need it.


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