Freakin’ Rad

Last night, was a monster night for television viewing. A killer (literally), bad-ass  Breaking Bad followed a Big Love that really shook the rafters and tossed the lives of the characters like a ship on a stormy sea. Yummy stories so well written.

I worked the monkey stuff all day to be able to enjoy the glut of TV guilt free. I impose certain expectations upon myself to deliver in a timely fashion.

I feel like I’ve been swimming underwater with the primate project. It’s felt like sloooow going. Lots of perfecting — recutting, restuffing, resewing.

It took me another week to fine tune this second monkey.

The first was a little too Curious George for the prospective client. I couldn’t get off the cute train and made the first monkey with big eyes.

monkeyfull351Monkey One is much more cuddly and will undoubtedly end up in the arms of a child.

Monkey Two has small eyes and a more serious demeanor, befitting his position as a formerly 2D image representing the commercial enterprise, Mail Chimp.

Both monkeys are big. Monkey One may actually be monkey, and in the days to come, be given a tail. He is super soft and sweet. You can see that.


Monkey Two is a chimp, closer to his human brothers genetically. He will have no tail.

He’s furrier, as requested, but probably still has too much of a smile. Maybe I can take it down a notch. Or he could be really happy about the job he’s done.


I finish his cap this morning and take photos, with head gear, to mail to Atlanta, Georgia for Mail Chimp’s approval or rejection. Whichever it is, this is my last primate prototype.

I want to start Johnny Ramone and Angus Young for rockin’ Phoenix mom.

I’ve got the pic of Johnny on my work space wall so that it will penetrate my artistic consciousness.

He’s looking pretty pouty in this one.

johnnyramoneonwallAh, Back to work.


3 Responses to “Freakin’ Rad”

  1. Can’t wait to see the final product. BTW, I got a chuckle when you called MailChimp a “commercial enterprise.” Made me feel old, like when the bagger at the grocery store calls me “sir.” Breaking bad – so much fun. Sad to see tuco go. Kind of. But I can’t watch malcolm in the middle the same way. Just waiting for the dad to pull a gun on malcolm!

  2. Hey, great to meet you Ben! May I say I love your name. It’s beautiful and very novel worthy.
    I, too, will miss Tuco. The writers of Breaking Bad are so good. They deal in mayhem but in such an empathetic way.
    Funny, funny about BB changing the context of watching Malcolm in the Middle.

  3. karen whittaker Says:

    Hi! I love this monkey! My 5 1/2 year old grandson loves monkies. His nickname is becoming Monkey. Is this your own creation? I have surfed for patterns to make a big monkey for him, but to no avail. Is this a pattern you would share or sell? I like to sew and do crafts, so this Monkey would be excellant, as he is so cute…

    Otherwise, I feel I could make my own BIG MONKEY, from scratch (no pun intended~scratch, bite, itch, etc!)

    I would appreciate your feedback!

    Thank you,
    Karen Whittaker

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