Gaudi, Rock Star

Here at DarcyArts the most viewed post, by far, is the one with pictures of the work of visionary architect Antonio Gaudi.

Here are some links to pix elsewhere on the web.

The Adventures of Josip and Melanie

Great Buildings

At Flickr:

Tom29ger’s Barcelona

Matilde B

Here’s a Flickr search for Gaudi.

One of the photos by campru:

The sky looks like it is drenched with a bottle of  Dr. PH Martin’s blue dye.

What amazing mosaic work. I have wondered how, after the works of Gaudi were created, anyone would ever create buildings and spaces in any other style.

The aesthetic that enriched the decades on either side of the turn of the last century was so appreciative of nature, of natural shapes and forms.

There were crafts-people. There was an investment of time. The materials were rich and beautiful.

Greed and impatience robs beauty from the world.


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