Coming Along

Angus is coming along.


It’s day three of working on him.

The work was interrupted by a dragon order.


That little guy is popular. This dragon went to Austin. Is SXSW still going on?

Those white squiggles at the end of Angus’ tendrils are tight spaces I have to get into with a small brush and a steady hand. I should have painted the black coat before I painted the hair.

I’m doing the red guitar, the sweet Gibson SG today. I love Gibsons, too.

I sold my little thrift shop deers. Found them Tuesday. Sold them late Wednesday.


Would have made a nice little profit but for the fact  the buyer lives in Belgium. I seriously undercharged for shipping. Oh, well.

She should be happy with them. They were sweet.

Frank and I watched a documentary about Paul Klee last night. He lead a strange life, dedicated to art but in that kind of hyper-analytical way. He was a strange mix of impulses.

Tonight we might get to Chris and Don. Heard about this docu on Fresh Air. I love documentaries.

This is a sweet life. Everybody I love you.


2 Responses to “Coming Along”

  1. i was listening to that fresh air recently too. then read a book promo in vogue about another isherwood lover. it’s like spotting punch bugs…strange

  2. We love you too. And your arts.

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