Cute Trumps Clarity

elephantDecided to try a photo shoot with cute toys and figures in addition to the gnome.

This first session was bad, blurry but we have to catch the dandelions while they are in bloom, don’t we?

I’ll try again. The sun seems to be here to stay.

Elephant is not so bad.

Little Pig is pretty blurry but tremendously cute. Cute rocks and sometimes trumps clarity.

blurpigI’ve imagined taking my cute friends on a photo tour. I’ve taken Gnome to Home Depot with nice results.

I just need to pack them in a little travel case and have them with me all the time when I’m out.

I need to hit the river trail. It’s Spring!

Speaking of light-hearted. Oh, wasn’t I? This week’s 30 Rock hit me where I live with its portrayals of various character’s points of view. Jack, the page, sees a Sesame Street world. I can relate.


One Response to “Cute Trumps Clarity”

  1. Connie you are amazing. I love u. My face book has change formatt and I can’t find my photos. Do u knoe whats up? I love u and Frank. You are so amazing

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